VIDEO: 54 Years Later, 61 Percent of Americans Believe In JFK Assassination Conspiracy

By  //  November 22, 2017

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JFK Assassinated Nov. 22, 1963 In Dallas

ABOVE VIDEO: Watch as the two secret service agents assigned to protect President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade are ordered to stand down just minutes before entering Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 1963.

On the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, many conspiracy theories remain active.

According to the most recent poll by Gallup, 61 percent of Americans believe others besides Lee Harvey Oswald were involved. However, as Gallup points  out, this percentage was the lowest found in nearly 50 years.

Unlike the conspiracy theories surrounding September 11th, the amount of video surrounding the tragedy is limited to a small number of sources, as personal video cameras were extremely rare in 1963.

Popular conspiracies include the CIA, as well as leaders such as Fidel Castro and Lyndon B. Johnson. What’s your stance on JFK’s assassination?

ABOVE VIDEO: A few clips from the documentary “The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy.” ABC aired this program in 2003, the 40th anniversary of the shooting, and was hosted by Peter Jennings.

ABOVE VIDEO: The first high quality digitally remastered version of JFK’s assasination.

ABOVE VIDEO: Kevin Costner portrayed D.A. Jim Garrison, who prosecuted New Orleans mafia member Clay Shaw for the assassination of JFK. The movie’s director, Oliver Stone, admitted that he took “creative liberty” with many of the conspiracy theories depicted in the film.