Podcast Covers Brevard’s Missing Beauty Queen Cold Case

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34 Year-Old Case Has Received National Attention

COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA — For three decades, local and national media have covered the disappearance of former Brevard County beauty queen and actress Tammy Leppert, of Rockledge. 

Shortly after Leppert finished her work on a brief acting scene for the movie “Scarface”, she disappeared next to the now-demolished Cocoa Beach Glass Bank. No suspect has officially been named. National media, including the TV series “Unsolved Mysteries”, covered Leppert’s disappearance. Recently, Leppert’s disappearance was covered in the “Unfound” podcast show, hosted by Edward Dentzel of Madeira Beach, Florida. The show is hosted on UnFoundPodcast.com

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Extensive documentation of the case was posted by  Anthony Wayne, a true crime blogger at CrimeBlogger1983.blogspot.com. Wayne was a guest on the Unfound podcast and shared information he received from a recent interview with Tammy Leppert’s family.

Tammy Lynn Leppert Case Facts:

Date Of Birth: February 5, 1965

Date of Disappearance: July 6, 1983

Age at Time of Disappearance: 18 years old

Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5’4; 105 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian. Curly blonde hair; hazel eyes.

Clothing: Leppert was last seen wearing a blue blouse with flower appliques on the shoulder and a denim skirt. She was not wearing shoes, nor was she carrying a purse.

Medical Conditions: She may have been 3 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Circumstances of Disappearance Leppert, whose resume lists Miss Teen Florida and Miss Sun and Surf titles among her accomplishments, drove away with a male friend, who later told police he left her outside a Cocoa Beach bank after an argument.

Agency Case Number: 21292

NCIC Number: M-104282291

If you have any information concerning Leppert’s whereabouts, please contact detective Taylor at the Cocoa Beach Police Department at (321) 868-3269. All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis.

Below is the UnFound podcast episode which aired in the fall of 2017, as well as additional information from various publications and family members who have kept stories alive for more than three decades.

Excerpt a Facebook Page started by Tammy’s sister, Suzanne:(Facebook.com/pg/findtammyleppert)

“My name is Suzanne.Tammy Lynn Leppert is my sister.She came up missing in Cocoa Beach Florida on July 6th 1983.I care very much of what became of her.
This face book page I started now.I had a face book account for my sister Tammy for many years.But it got deleted because I could have only one face book account.So I started this page for her to help find her now and the message board I care missing persons cold cases was started by me in 2004.This board is dedicated to her from me.It is my family board the CBPD has worked with.The pictures and information on this board you see is of my sister.Her name is Tammy Lynn Leppert.She came up missing in 1983 from Cocoa Beach Florida.she was 18 when she came up missing in 1983.She has never been found.I care very much of what became of her.In my heart I do not feel she is alive and well out there any more.But I pray in Jesus’s name she is .Someone,somewhere still has to care of what became of her.I do.We have worked with the CBPD and the FDLE for about 18 years now .Tammy and I have the same blood birth mother.They use me as a family contact for many years now.We have done a lot of work to try and find her.We called in the FDLE to help look for her in 1997 and again in about 2008.We had a few age progressions made for her made many years ago and again recently.I wrote and emailed many times every medical examiner and Sheriffs offices in the United States and other places over the years to find her.I put her on every board and missing persons sites I could find to help find her a long time ago .Most of the information on the internet is from my board for her to help find her and information I gave to them to help find her over the years.If you know any thing of where my sister Tammy is Please contact the Cocoa Beach Police Department and please also let me know.I just want to please know is she alive or dead.”


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