MEDICAL SPOTLIGHT: Effective Cancer Treatments Available in Florida, Many New Procedures Can Help

By  //  June 13, 2018

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Changing Diet Can Make a Big Difference

A new type of therapy is HIPEC chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy is different from conventional chemotherapy and is available in many hospitals throughout Florida now.

What Effective Cancer Treatments Do You Have Access to in Florida?

Cancer is a big problem in Florida. For every 100,000 men and women, 410 of them will be diagnosed with cancer at some point. Many of these people will die from their cancers. So what options do you have for treating terminal cancer in the Florida area?

There are so many new treatments available to help, including alternative treatments to extend your prognosis and to help you survive.

Changing Diet Can Make a Big Difference

Evidence in books like Nutrition and the Cancer Patient has demonstrated that a change of diet can not only prevent cancer but contribute towards treating cancer.

Paul Kraus is the longest mesothelioma survivor in the world today and he has used his diet to ensure that his body can fight off the spread of mesothelioma.

HIPEC Chemotherapy

A new type of therapy is HIPEC chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy is different from conventional chemotherapy and is available in many hospitals throughout Florida now.

It’s a more concentrated form of chemotherapy and only focuses on the area where the cancer is. That means higher doses can be used and it doesn’t expose the rest of the body. HIPEC and mesothelioma are ideal combinations because it’s a type of therapy aimed at people with terminal advanced stage cancer.

Biological Therapy

Another exciting type of therapy available in Florida is biological therapy. Biological therapy is designed to bypass chemotherapy, as a result of the terrible side effects some patients experience. It uses natural substances that have been engineered to fight cancer and boost the immune system.

Some popular products for biological therapy include interferon, bevacizumab, and erlotinib.

Photodynamic Therapy

Finally, some Florida hospitals have begun to take a look at photodynamic therapy. This type of therapy is activated by light. When it’s injected into the patient’s bloodstream, cancer cells absorb it. It’s designed to be primarily absorbed by cancer cells.

Doctors then shine a special laser on the patient’s body. It triggers the drug and the resulting reaction kills the cancer cells while leaving the body’s cells alive and well.

There are many variations of this, including performing it during surgery. This is still relatively new, so many hospitals and clinics don’t yet offer it. But early results have been promising.

Speak to Your Doctor

Talk to your Florida doctor about some of these treatments and alternative therapies after your diagnosis. They will be able to point you in the right direction and give you some advice on how you should proceed.

Terminal cancer sufferers like Paul Kraus advocate a mixture of traditional and alternative treatments for the best possible results.

Last Word – There is a Solution for You

A terminal cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end. There have been survivors who continue to live years after their initial prognosis.

Investigate some of these new treatments for terminal cancer and you could also be one of those survivors. Talk to a medical professional for the best possible advice.

Are you suffering from terminal cancer?