Bryan Bergeron’s ‘Robin Hood Fractured’ Performance at Surfside Playhouse Set June 14-23

By  //  June 6, 2019

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The two-act play with intermission contains familiar characters and situations from Sherwood Forest

The inhabitants of Nottingham are exasperated by the over-inflated ego of the Sherwood Forest hero in Robin Hood Fractured. The comedy opens Friday, June 14 in Cocoa Beach and will run through June 23. Call 321-783-3127 for tickets and show times.  (Buzz Biz Public Relations image)

BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA –  With more than 50 original plays and adaptations under his belt, Surfside Playhouse Artistic Director, Bryan Bergeron went deep into Sherwood Forest and took a hammer to the classic tale of Robin and his band of Merry Men.


His Robin Hood Fractured will open on Friday, June 14 at the Surfside Playhouse in Cocoa Beach, running through June 23 (two weekends).

Under the direction of the playwright, Robin Hood Fractured brings the egotistical Robin, along with Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, The Sheriff of Nottingham and the rest to life as a large cast comedy with music.

The two-act play with intermission contains familiar characters and situations from Sherwood Forest –and twists them with a heavy dose of farce.

Taking inspiration from Rocky and Bullwinkle’s “Fractured Fairy Tales” (1959-1964), the family-friendly comedy clocks in at two hours and promises a layered experience for adults as well as children.

Songs with witty lyrics by Bergeron include such titles as “Damsel in Distress Blues,” “High Born” and “Palace Guard Schtick,” among others.

Friday and Saturday performances are at 8 p.m., Sunday matinees are at 2 p.m. Adult tickets to all shows are $25, Senior/Military/Student tickets are $22. Children aged 17 and under are $10.

The cast of ‘Robin Hood Fractured’ rehearsing. (Matt Gould image)


The 250-seat Surfside Playhouse, “Where the Beach Meets the Stage,” is west on South Fifth Street from Highway A1A and located at 301 Ramp Road in Cocoa Beach, at the northwest corner of Brevard Avenue and Ramp Road.

For more information about Robin Hood Fractured, call 321-783-3127.

Artistic Director for the Surfside Players, Bryan Bergeron wrote Robin Hood Fractured as well as the “fractured” past season-enders, Alice in Wonderland Fractured and Wizard of Oz Fractured.

“I love taking a familiar story and reshaping it into a comedy,” said Bergeron. “Our ‘fractured’ version of Robin Hood keeps the things you love about the original and adds jokes and hilarious situations you can’t begin to imagine. And of course, audience members of every age will find plenty to laugh about.”

In continuous operation since 1963, the Surfside Playhouse is home to the Surfside Players and presents a full season of self-produced shows and community performances each year.

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CAST (principals underlined)

ROBIN HOOD           Tyler Mattingly

MAID MARIAN          Crystalia Hampton

QUEEN ELEANOR   Jody Hatcher

THE SHERIFF            Gordon Ringer

FRIAR TUCK             Chris Tsocanos

BEATRICE                 Sharyn Tsocanos

ALAN A’DALE            Eric Boritzki

PRINCE JOHN           David Hill

LITTLE JOHN             Joel Shugars

ELDRITCH                 Katie McCall

HAGARD                    John Torres

BITS                            Tyler King

GILL                            Steven Mogell

MRS CRUICK Leslie   McGinty

MASTER CRUICK     Paul Durney

MILLER                       Maggie Hansotte

SKRANK                    Karen  Monks

WILL SCARLET         Mario Busacca

MUCH                         Greg McMinn

KIRKLY                       Edward Johnson

PHELIX                       Stephan George

BUTCHLY                   Julien   Desantis

RAMBO                      Avery Matteson

MERRY MAN             Joe Roth

THE PAGE                 Jackson Hill

MERRY MAN             Rob Monks

SISSY                         Trinity  Lyons

PIP                              Addison Hunt

SOUNDER                 Catie Boritzki

BANK                          Adele Boritzki

DEENY                       Heidi Rauscher

MERRY WOMEN       Jennifer Torres

MERRY WOMEN       Sony Jackson

MERRY WOMEN       Debi Roth