2023 Rugby World Cup Date and Venue

By  //  January 6, 2020

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Rugby is a quadrennial rugby tournament involving top international teams. The first championship was held in 1987, which was co-organized by Australia and New Zealand.

Rugby is a quadrennial rugby tournament involving top international teams. The first championship was held in 1987, which was co-organized by Australia and New Zealand.

According to a legend, rugby was invented by a rugby school student, William Webb Ellis, who picked up the ball during a soccer match. The trophy named Webb Ellis Cup is awarded to the tournament champions.

The Rugby World Cup is managed by World Rugby, which is the international sports managing agency. The managing agency in August 2019 announced the removal of gender designations from titles of both women’s and men’s World Cup.

Now officially, all World Cups in the future will have a ‘World Cup’ title.

This new policy will affect the women World Cup tournament to be held in the year 2021, and the trophy will be bearing the name Rugby World Cup 2021.


When the tournament was introduced in 1987, they were no qualifying process. The slots were automatically filled up by World Rugby member countries, and the rest joined by invitation to have a total of 16 teams contesting.

In 2003 and 2007 tournament, eight quarterfinalist teams from the previous World cup qualified automatically to fill up eight of the twenty available slots.

The other remaining positions were filled up by qualifying teams from continents. The positions were distributed as follows: two from Oceania, one from Africa, three qualified teams from the Americas and three international teams from all over Europe.

In the current qualifying process, 12 slots are automatically filled up by the teams who finished third in the pool stage during the previous tournaments.

For the remaining eight slots, qualification is region-based. Africa is allocated two groups, one team for Asia, eight teams for Europe, Oceania is allocated five teams and three teams for the Americas. Intercontinental play-off determines the last place.

Rugby World Cup 2023

The tournament will be celebrating its 200th anniversary from when it was invented by the sports student, William Webb Ellis.

France will host the final tournament for the first time. It is scheduled to be held from 8th September to 21st October 2023. The country has never been a sole host before, in both 1991 and 1999 it was a co-host and in 2007, France was the principal host of the World Cup tournament.

South Africa, who wanted to host the competition for the first time since 1995, was beaten off the bid by France by 15 votes to 24 in the finale. Ireland also was looking to host the 2023 tournament, but they were disqualified in the first round of voting.

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Qualified teams

In the 2023 tournament, 20 teams are expected to compete. Out of the 20 teams, 12 teams qualified automatically to the tournament after having finished the top three in the pool stage for 2019 Rugby World cup. France as the host qualified automatically. 

For the remaining eight slots, qualifying teams will be determined by regional plays and a few cross-regional competitions. In November 2022, the repechage competition will be responsible for deciding the final spot. 


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