The Usage of BTC Applications

By  //  January 3, 2020

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The number one virtual currency known as Bitcoin is available for Android and iOS app users. These applications deal with the money exchange (BTC/fiat/altcoins), gambling, online shopping, etc.

The number one virtual currency known as Bitcoin is available for Android and iOS app users. These applications deal with the money exchange (BTC/fiat/altcoins), gambling, online shopping, etc.

Besides, wallets that let make crypto operations can be also used as mobile convenient apps.

BTC Wallets

These are applications, which are used exclusively for all operations with the main cryptocurrency. They let a user hold, spend, and exchange BTC.

The user of the wallet has to remember the key to the app access and store it in the safest place. Once lost, the key cannot be restored, and the access to the wallet will be impossible.

Due to the greatest Bitcoin popularity even people who do not still hold this digital money open BTC wallets. Their number has reached fifteen million and it has been gaining still.

Special encryption (AES) provides the safety of cryptocurrency and the user’s data. Besides, these wallets use a 2-factor improved identification.

Some apps of this type can work offline as well. For instance, Xapo uses servers, which do not have an Internet connection. This special feature provides more security while various BTC operations. Xapo supports debit cards, compatible with BTC ATMs and PoS.

Coinbase is the BTC broker great by its popularity and functions. Supported in over 32 different countries, it has already served over 12 million clients. More than 20 billion dollars (the USD equivalent) were successfully exchanged. The biggest benefit of Coinbase is its low (1%) fee for buying the #1 crypto.

Exchanges and transfer fees are low: those, who get virtual money pay only 0.25 cent for the operation. The application has become the most trusted tool for crypto traders.

Applications for BTC payments

Despite the great volatility of Bitcoin, its popularity is only on the rise. Considering the fame of BTC and the desire of thousands of people to use crypto during online shopping, the apps developers cooperate with the owners of such huge stores like Target and Whole Foods. Coffee lovers that visit Starbucks can use BTC for payments.

BitPay app is often chosen, when a person is going to get payments in BTC. This cryptocurrency processor is secure (SSL is used).

It also supports eight more currencies and lets people deal with deposits. BitPay lets people donate money, sending it in BTC to Nepal Red Cross Organization.

Gliph is another app, working with desktops, Android and Apple devices. It is used both for safely protected messages and online crypto operations.

BTC Games

The games of this type let players earn Bitcoin while doing special tasks, connected mostly with the advertising of certain products.

The Blockchain Game is the leading app here. Generating revenue via advertisements, it helps newbies that cannot buy Bitcoin for some reasons: here, they earn crypto. Gamers, especially fans of shooters, will like Bitcoin Aliens game.

The task here is to kill dangerous aliens: the reward is paid in virtual currency.

BTC gambling

The fans of online gambling have already understood what playing for BTC is; they get additional options to make money. Bitcoin can grow in price with time, and the players’ savings will grow as well.

The most popular casino –, who welcome crypto players, are known even for those, who are still playing for fiat.

These are:

  • BitStarz;
  • BitCasino;
  • BetCoin;
  • SafeDice;
  • BetCoin casino, etc.

Slots, Sport and table games like Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack are often played for digital money and applications help people to organize the convenient gambling and fast transactions.

Other apps using BTC

Aptoide is a very popular store application for Android devices. Used by over 20 million people, it has started its own business activity with crypto.

In 2017, AppCoins’ alternative currency appeared. This Ethereum protocol platform is used for upgrading of games and online purchases. Those, who are ready to work a bit to earn AppCoins, can advertise the platform and get a reward in tokens.

Long Live Bitcoin

Appeared in 2009, Bitcoin was not taken seriously. However, today, everybody understands that this unique virtual money is not going to leave the market.

It can make our life more comfortable and convenient (nu bank fuss). It is a new reliable source of income and the best long-time investment.