How UpNest Helps You Save Real Estate Commissions

By  //  February 11, 2020

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When Thomas Lembck listed his home in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in UpNest, he had not expected the deal to close in the next 36 hours.

When Thomas Lembck listed his home in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in UpNest, he had not expected the deal to close in the next 36 hours.

Not only did he save $7.740 in real estate agent commissions, but he also managed to sell the property for $25,000 above the listing price. 

If you are hoping to find the most efficient, timesaving and least expensive way to engage in the real estate marketplace, then the answer lies in the web pages of UpNest.

The digital real estate company is already topping the market by helping customers across the US to save money through their agent comparison service. 

The case of Thomas Lembck is only one of the thousands of successful sales completed through UpNest, delivering over $30 million in commission savings through its services. 

What UpNest Offers

The first question that you face when you enter the real estate market is how to choose the right realtor. UpNest is an online platform that connects home buyers and sellers with professional local agents.

The platform has a database of highly qualified agents, their performance data and reviews to make a comprehensive decision on who should be your realtor.

In a typical scenario, these top agents would demand a higher listing fee to offer their services in a faster time frame and get better prices.

On UpNest, the agents are given access to a larger client profile and encourage them to provide competitive rates and better services. 

UpNest currently hosts over 17,000 agents, among whom, 5000 ranks among the top 5% in their respective localities. Many of the realtors you find on the platform are experts with years of professional experience. 

How UpNest Works 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of real estate agents is expected to grow by 7% by 2028. With more realtors serving the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide on whom to entrust. 

UpNest works in simple and straightforward terms, allowing you to eliminate days wasted on finding the right realtor through networks. Through UpNest, you only have to follow these steps to choose the best realtor that can find you the right deal. 

  1. Sign up on UpNest and enter the required information. 
  2. You are presented with a list of realtors that most match your needs and preferences. 
  3. You receive listing commission and rebate quotes from multiple realtors within 24 hours. You can view their performance history, reviews, qualifications, and fees all in one place. 
  4. You select the agents you want to interview, and upon satisfaction, sign with the one you prefer. 

UpNest gives you all the control of choosing which realtor you want to work with and how much you would be paying them upfront.

There is no pressure or obligation, and you have the chance to review commission rates and make an informed decision. 

Agents on UpNest cannot view the proposals made by other realtors, which motivates them to offer lower rates they think would make a compelling pitch. 

Why Choose UpNest

The biggest selling point of UpNests services is transparency. You are able to compare the proposals from the best agents available, without having to give out personal information.

There is absolutely no fee other than the commission you have to pay the agent. 

There is also no obligation to sign the deal, leaving it entirely up to the user to determine whether you want to hire a realtor or not.

It is especially useful in competitive markets, where you need not struggle to track down a real estate agent yourself. UpNest’s team also makes sure that they offer follow-ups and provide excellent customer care services. 

In the current landscape of the real estate market, one of the challenging parts is to find a proven agent who can deliver results. UpNest can resolve both these concerns; the effort to land the right realtor and saving money while doing so.