WATCH: Health First Gives Tips on How to Stay Fit at Home During COVID-19 Outbreak

By  //  April 8, 2020

Exercise Specialist Shares Ways to Stay Healthy at Home While Having an Effective Workout

ABOVE VIDEO: Follow along as Jeremy Davison, exercise specialist at Pro-Health-Melbourne, walks you through these four simple exercises you can do at home.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – We know that during these trying times, many of our go-to routines have suddenly stalled. Taking care of our emotional and physical health is crucial during this period of uncertainty and stress.

But your physical fitness doesn’t have to suffer just because the gym is temporarily closed. 

That’s why we’re launching our “Healthy at Home” series. We want you to have the tools you need to be well when we’re all practicing social distancing. 

Health First’s Pro-Health & Fitness Center has four ways you can get an upper- and lower-body strength workout in at home, even when you don’t have strength-training equipment. And you don’t need much – just a gallon of water, a towel and a chair. 

Just remember to check with your healthcare provider before starting a new fitness routine. (Not all of these exercises are suitable for everyone, and Health First and its affiliates are not liable should you choose to follow this workout and get injured.)

Russian Twists: Sit on a towel and lift your heels as you balance your body weight on your buttocks. Then, lift a gallon jug of water and move it from side to side, lightly touching the floor. If the weight of the water is too much, you can perform this exercise without it. 

Chair Squats: Stand in front of a chair and position your feet hip-width apart. Clasping your hands together, squat until your bottom touches the seat of the chair (but don’t sit down). Return to standing. 

Shoulder Taps: Stand at the side of a chair.  Position your arms shoulder-distance apart. Take your hands and rest them on the seat, assuming a plank position as you distribute your weight between the tiptoes of your feet and your hands. One at a time, raise your hand and tap the opposite shoulder. Return your hand to the chair and repeat on the other side. 

Mountain Climbers: Position yourself as you would for the shoulder taps – arms shoulder-distance apart with your weight balanced between your feet and upper body in a plank position. Alternate a marching motion, one foot at a time, as you lean on the chair for balance. 

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All exercises should be performed for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit three times. And remember to check with your doctor before conducting these exercises if working out is something new for you. 

We hope these tips help you in your wellness and health journey.

Be well and stay safe.