The Vance Fundora Story: From Selling Shoes at 16 to Being a Successful Entrepreneur at 22

By  //  May 16, 2020

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Keep track of Vance Fundora‘s journey by following him on his Instagram or his website and get to know the latest on his inspiring journey.

What most people take decades to achieve, Vance Fundora seems to have achieved and learnt at just 22 years of age. The founder and CEO of Fundora Enterprises, Vance is a known name for his successful digital marketing skills that have helped several individuals and businessman achieve phenomenal results.

The serial entrepreneur and marketer is also an eCommerce specialist, speaker, social media influencer and podcaster. Through his podcast ‘Real Talk with Vance Fundora’, he has been sharing interesting bits about his life, valuable lessons and tips on a range of topics and his philosophy to living a successful life. 

But how did it all begin? Let’s find out!

The childhood days: Nurturing the budding entrepreneur

Vance was born in Fort Worth, Texas and came from a humble beginning. Ever since his childhood days, Vance dreamt of being an entrepreneur and started working at a very young age, while also pursuing this education. At age 9, he would mow lawns, helped run a food truck, and fixed computers to earn some money.

However, when he moved to high school, he realized his side hustle no longer made him enough and “mowing lawns required too much time for too little money”.

Vance realized early on that to earn more; he needed the skills that would help him get more. And that’s when his entrepreneurship streak began!

The high-school days: Subtle Beginnings

At age 15, Vance started buying, selling and trading sneakers, and the profits he earned went into reinvesting, so he put every dollar he had received into his business. Soon after graduation, he went on to attend Texas Tech University to learn computer engineering.

But in his sophomore year, he shifted his course to study marketing. As Vance explains it, “I love math, science, and technology, but social media and the internet are completely revolutionizing the way consumers interact with businesses.” 

Soon, Vance launched his digital marketing agency and during his senior year in 2018, had already scaled to a six-figure company while still being a full-time student. In 2018, he graduated to earn his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

The rise of an entrepreneur: Digital Marketing success

Today, the agency he established offers a wide array of services tailored around marketing and e-commerce solutions adaptable to any brand, business or individual. Gradually, his company has grown and made him a known name in the field of digital marketing and social media influencing.

Not just his digital marketing agency, today he manages multiple companies with revenues in the high six figures. His Fundora Group consists of Fundora Estates, Fundora Enterprises, and Fundora Foundation. 

Final words: The Drive for Success

Vance attributes his success to the nexus of social media, viral marketing, influence and exposure. In 2020, he has started his podcast to talk about the risks and the sacrifices required to attain success.

The ‘Real Talk with Vance Fundora’ is aimed at young and budding entrepreneurs to share tips and learnings that can help them in their journey. Vance has a firm conviction to be willing to sacrifice everything for what you want and becomes obsessed with your dreams to make it big in reality.

As he explains it, “You must be obsessed with 100% conviction that your dreams can become your reality.” And Fundora doesn’t just stop there.

He has been travelling the globe, to connect with a diverse set of people and like-minded people in the business. Sleepless nights, lonely dawns and harsh days are the inevitable days of every entrepreneur, but the rewards are all worth it.

Through his life, Vance showcases that true passion, and hard work can help anyone become a self-made success. He plans to put his experience in words through a book and expand his business in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Keep track of his journey by following him on his Instagram or his website and get to know the latest on his inspiring journey.