Ahmed Sobhy – A Success Story Built On the Love Of Rottweilers

By  //  August 2, 2020

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Ahmed Sobhy was born in Egypt on 20th July. Like most people dealing with the technological boom brought about by computers, he went into technology, graduating from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Computer Engineering.

Many people will continuously hark the age-old motivation ‘Follow your dreams’. But how can you follow your dream? What are the steps, the risks, the consequences?

Do you even know what your dream is? While motivating, the ‘follow your dream’ formula often fails. That’s because we do not look into the success stories of many people who started small and made it big for themselves.

Yes, you may have heard of Steve Jobs or Jack Ma, but when you listen to their cinematically presented story, you know that there is something missing. It seems as if they are not giving that essential secret – the magic that turned their rags into a millionaire’s dream.

Ahmed Sobhy may not be a Steve Jobs or a Jack Ma, but he is a man of passion and he has transformed his dreams into reality. And the best part, he is happy about what he has achieved – the one goal that every person is looking for.

Like many of us, Ahmed Sobhy had an inkling of a dream, and in his mind, he had imagined a world of success. Like all of us, he had fear in his heart, but he knew that if he tried, he could succeed. After all, he could use the power of the internet to make his dreams come true.

From a young age, Ahmed Sobhy had developed a love for dogs. These furry friends have given him the best company throughout his life, and he wanted to do something for them.

When he was just 8, his small love was starting to grow. He saw that dogs are loved all around the world. They get cute names like doggos and everybody posts pictures of these dogs.

Except for one breed – the Rottweilers.

Rottweilers seemed like the most discriminated dog breed in the dog world. They are always known to be aggressive. The news is filled with the aggressive stories of Rottweilers, and people have already formed an opinion that these ‘dogs’ cannot be trained. But Sobhy could not accept this negativity around Rottweilers. He has known this dog breed up close, and he knew that there was a lot of misinformation surrounding this breed.

The internet was not of any help either. There were very few stories and facts about Rottweilers. Information about this aggressive dog breed was limited.

And that’s where his journey began…

Ahmed Sobhy was born in Egypt on 20th July. Like most people dealing with the technological boom brought about by computers, he went into technology, graduating from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Computer Engineering.

He took up a job in the Cybersecurity section. He could have just settled down, but Ahmed had a dream to follow. He had a purpose to fight for. He was not going to sit idle and just spend his time in an office cubicle.

He knew the power of social media, and so, Sobhy created a Facebook fan page for Rottweilers. He did not know how many people might love it or if anybody would love it at all. He just wanted to connect with people who loved Rottweilers or wanted information about this dog breed.

He wanted Rottweiler lovers to connect with one another. And to his surprise, his small venture was a success. In just around 3 weeks, he garnered a following of 200k accounts.

When Instagram started, he took another leap of faith, and now, his Rottweiler Community stands at over 4.6 million followers.

Sobhy, undoubtedly, was happy with the success of his page, but he did not lose his purpose. He kept posting useful information and trivia on Rottweilers to keep the followers informed and to fight the misinformation about this breed.

Whatever he did was received well by the public. His following kept increasing, and he knew what he had to do next.

You could say Rottweiler Life came out of public demand. This website was meant for Rottweiler fans. Sobhy made this website to talk about the history of Rottweilers, training tips, needs, diet, and every Rottweiler-y things possible.

He would present a variety of positive stories about Rottweilers and discuss the challenges that Rottweiler owners can face.

This is a one-stop solution site for Rottweiler owners. With this website, Sobhy was a formidable force to tackle the misinformation spread about this breed. The website was awarded the Best Rottweiler website back in 2014.

The success of the website has helped Sobhy to set up an LLC Media Company which operates from Florida, USA. He has also become a co-founder of Rott Mart, an e-seller for Rottweiler-specific products.

It doesn’t stop there

While all the expansion might seem like a lot, Sobhy is still determined to go further. He has also introduced Rottweiler Life magazine, which comes out monthly. Each edition has exciting new stories. Subscribe to it, and you will surely be entertained as well as educated.

Ahmed Sobhy does not want to revel in his success – he is a believer in sharing and giving back. Based on the success of his projects, he also started a new venture, Wow Things Media Company.

This is a digital marketing company that helps gain much-needed visibility in the internet space through SEO-optimized content, social media management, website and app development, and many more. 

His love for dogs has made Sobhy take a step forward whenever a rescue shelter or organization needed help. He has also created many calendars featuring a variety of dogs for all the doggo lovers out there.

Ahmed Sobhy has achieved his dreams because he knew he had to stick to them. He was unafraid to reach out. And he is still reaching out for more. His vision is set forward, and there is no turning back for him.