Josh Lester; Co-Owner of Executive Property Masters

By  //  August 12, 2020

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Josh Lester, officially known as Joshua Freser Lester,  and his elder brother are Canadian citizens from a humble background in Alberta.

Josh Lester, officially known as Joshua Freser Lester,  and his elder brother are Canadian citizens from a humble background in Alberta.

Josh was compelled to work hard every day after he dropped high school because he never wanted to live averagely like the other people in his neighborhood.

In his childhood, he also had a vision of becoming a well-known hockey player but this could not be accomplished because at the age of 19 years he had an idea of starting a giant door-to-door company in Canada where he received massive support from his elder brother.

Josh, the leader, and Co-Owner of Exclusive Property Masters, one of the leading and thriving d2d companies in Canada has hired and trained his fellow youngsters to become useful salesmen to assist him to run and operate his firm.

This has also facilitated the hiring of several entrepreneurial friends who are like-minded and making low wages into making up to $1000 a day.

With the love and respect of what they do as a hustle as well their habit of hard work has drastically raised his company’s wages to a seven-figure profit in four months.

The company also enables many young people to express their know-how and abilities as they have the chance to work 90-100 hours a week.

The need to learn something new and become rich every day is evident in the salesmen who work for the company on their way to knock doors during their usual business days.

Josh Lester and his brother always encourage people to learn new life skills and give them chances to prove their abilities in the company which has positively enhanced changes of lives among many youngsters availing themselves as salesmen.

 According to his statements, Josh Lester claims that salesmen are evaluated based on many criteria not only fully on their level of skills but also their working ethics and attitude.

He perceives the salesmen with the best attitudes and good ethics as the best of all. Josh Lester wants to reach out to anyone but most probably any salesperson especially those who want to start and run a company and leave a good reputation later on.

He also needs to get in touch with many youths at the age of 20 to 40 years as he continues to grow the company to be the largest door-to-door empire in history.

How his salesmen deliver services and products to clients with experience puts a gap between his company and his competitors and this is one of the most important aspects that has led his company to dominate the industry.  Ideally, his salesmen are on the rise to be the best compared to any other sales representative in the country.

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