Modern Divorce: How People Prepare to It in 2020

By  //  August 11, 2020

Apart from attorneys, who deal with divorces and cash in on them regularly, no one likes having this sort of experience.

Apart from attorneys, who deal with divorces and cash in on them regularly, no one likes having this sort of experience.

However, our life is full of ups and downs, and often getting divorced seems to be the only way out. Let us say, if two married people don’t feel like living together and sharing a common household, they decide to end their marital relations and go their separate ways sooner or later, for a reason.

If you and your partner have already made such a tough decision, then you probably have lots of questions, such as whether or not you can get a divorce online, how much it costs, and so forth. Lucky for you, you can have all of these and other questions answered as soon as you read this article. 

Having Your Packet Prepared Online

The advanced technology has made it possible for many people to get divorced through the Internet. For this, they should visit their local court’s site and get all the necessary forms at no cost at all.

It stands to mention that different states establish different requirements regarding the forms one should include in his or her divorce packet. The couples who deal with uncontested cases and have minor children are supposed to fill out more forms.

It so happens that people don’t want to enter into details of their cases and thus are very likely to run into some problems and get stuck on any stage of the process. In this case, they come to realize that they cannot go without legal backing. If you decide to get one, then you should be ready to pay a great sum for legal services.

Take note that you can go through the process online only if it is an uncontested divorce you are involved in. That is when you and your partner can find common ground and solve all your issues with ease. But if you feud with each other, then hiring a mediator or attorney is the only way out that, however, comes with much stress and lots of expenses.

Common matters include but are not limited to:

Minor children. Everything from who kids live with, who takes care of them, who and when can visit them, and so forth.

Alimony. It is like child-support payments but is more about support for a spouse. 

Division of assets, debt, etc.

 If you two fail to hammer out a compromise, then uncontested divorce attorneys will help you make a settlement. In case you have much properly to share or minor kids, you should better seek legal advice too. If you cannot agree on a common stance, then you cannot file your paperwork online.

Non-Government Websites

What if your court doesn’t provide any online divorce papers? If so, then turning to an online company sounds like a plan!

There are lots of websites to land on; however, far not all of them deserve to be trusted. Let us say, companies are claiming that they have all the necessary forms and that their services are free of charge. These websites are siren’s call for many couples striving to get a divorce online.

They attract customers with free services; however, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and you will have to pay hidden costs for sure.

Moreover, such unreliable service providers often offer forms that don’t comply with the current law. Therefore, it is so crucial to find a trustworthy site.

Don’t neglect to compare the rating of several companies to pick the best one. A reliable service provider will not be concerned about you speaking to a lawyer to ascertain yourself that your packet is complete and nothing is lacked.

It will also have all your docs reviewed before sending them to you so that you don’t have to redo everything from the very start.

It is just fine if you don’t like paying fees; however, no one will offer you prime services just for a thank you. Keep this in mind! Finding the non-governmental website that is as trustworthy as a court’s one is half the battle though.

How Can You Get a Divorce Online?

One should take the following steps to get a divorce online:

1. Make up your mind about a preferred service provider – a non-governmental company or a local court’s site. The latter will enable you to get the needed forms on your device but no other help will be offered.

2. Ascertain yourself that you and your “almost” ex are on the same wavelength. Make sure that you have settled all the matters. 

3. Make sure that your docs contain all the necessary information such as your names, address, your kids’ names, and so forth. Provide the grounds for divorce.

4. Do your paperwork or have a relevant website to prepare your packet for you. Make sure that your packet is complete; otherwise, you will have to refile them. 

5. Learn more about the way you can file your packet. Check if your state supports e-filing. Pay the required fees and file your docs either through the Internet or in person.

6. Serve your divorce papers. Some websites offer this sort of service for a certain charge. Hiring a process server is also the right thing to do.

7. Conceive an agreement and make sure that you two are OK with all the terms and conditions. To prepare one, you may want to get an attorney to avoid any serious mistakes. If you decide to get legal advice, then the chances that you will have to do some motions over time are much lower than if you try to settle everything on your own.

8. Double-check if all the supplemental docs are added to your packet or ask a lawyer to do this for you.