5 Unexpected Facts About American Football Players

By  //  September 24, 2020

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American football is not only one of the most popular sports in the United States, it is also loved by countries across the globe due to its widespread coverage and the fact that fans can now enjoy intimate access to the lives of the players themselves via the worldwide web.

Because who doesn’t love to dig a little deeper into the careers and lives of their favorite sporting stars?

From whom earns the most money, to who has had the most fumbles, to which player has the most Super Bowl rings, keep reading to discover five facts about past and present American Football players that will surprise even the most hardcore NFL fan.

1. Roger Staubach is the richest NFL player in the world

Former American NFL player Roger Staubach, who started his career with the Dallas Cowboys in 1969, is currently worth a whopping $600 million, making him the richest NFL player in the entire world.

How did he get so wealthy?

Although he started off with a modest salary of $25,000 as a Cowboy, this sum rose to a much more lucrative $95,000 only seven years later as his career took off. His highest salary was in the final year of his playing career in 1979 when he earned an impressive $160,000.

However, it was his shrewd investments in real estate where he made the big bucks, choosing to work as a real estate officer during the off-season.

Other NFL players who top the rich list include:

■ Al Davis

■ John Madden

■ Peyton Manning

■ Steve Young

Interested to know more about not only the richest American Football players but all the sports stars across the most popular sports? Check out the “Richest Sports Stars Ranked” carried out by CashLady here.

2. Brett Favre committed the most fumbles

Although Brett Favre enjoyed a long and impressive career as a quarterback in the NFL, unfortunately, he may be more likely to be remembered for the vast number of fumbles he committed, especially as he neared the end of his professional life.

In his entire career, Brett Favre committed a whopping 166 fumbles, 147 of which took place when he was a Green Bay Packer. His most fumbles came in 2001 when he lost the ball 15 times.

Other NFL players who experienced a fumble or two include:

■ Dave Krieg

■ Eli Manning

■ Warren Moon

■ Kerry Collins

3. Charles Haley has the second most Super Bowl rings

Quarterback Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than any other NFL player in the whole history of the sport with six rings to his name. This is to be expected as he never had a losing season in 20 years.

However, a much lesser-known player who also experienced multiple Super Bowl rings during his career is Charles Haley. A linebacker and defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys, Haley won five Super Bowls in the late 1980s and 90s, placing him in second place for the NFL player with the most Super Bowl rings.

Other NFL players with multiple Super Bowl rings include:

■ Ted Hendricks

■ Marv Fleming

■ Matt Millen

■ Bill Romanowski

■ Joe Montana

Other interesting facts about NFL players include:

4. Antonio Cromartie is the NFL player with the most kids, having 14 children, eight of which are with multiple different women.

5. Odell Beckham Jr is the NFL player with the most Instagram followers with a whopping 14.1 million fans.

And it’s not just NFL players that can surprise the world of American Football. The people in positions of power can as well, with Jason Wright recently becoming the first-ever black NFL team president, as well as the youngest!

It’s definitely an exciting time for the National Football League – what’s next is anyone’s guess!