Garage Security Tips To Make Your Home Safer

By  //  October 15, 2020

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While most burglars (34%) will enter your home through the front door, 9% will break in through the garage. Even if you leave the garage door open for just a few minutes, the average burglar will only need around 10 minutes to find and make off with valuable personal property.

A garage is always an enticing target because of its proximity to main entry points (front door, back door, house-to-garage door, and windows). It’s also used to store vehicles, bikes, expensive tools, sports equipment, and other valuables. Since garages are somewhat isolated, and most homeowners pay little attention to them, breaking in seems less risky for burglars.

Here are some garage security tips to help you better protect your home from break-ins.

Regularly Inspect and Repair Your Garage Door

With so many things to think about, it’s easy not to notice when the garage door begins to fail. Keeping your door in top condition will not only secure your valuables but will also protect you and your loved ones from injuries. Ensure the door is functioning to its highest ability by performing regular inspections.

Excess noise, jerking when opening or shutting, loose hinges, problems with the springs and pulley, and frayed cables are some signs of a garage door that needs repair. Detect any underlying issues and fix them before they get out of control. Garage door repair Houston experts note that working with a garage door repair and maintenance service will help boost your family’s overall safety and deny burglars access to your possessions.

Change Your Garage Door Opener Codes

Automatic garage doors make everything easy. Nobody wants to get out of their vehicle and run through the rain to open a manual garage door. However, the problem with automatic garage doors is that they can be hacked. If a savvy burglar captures and duplicates the signal sent by the opener, they can easily break into your garage. Increase the security of your garage and home by reprogramming your garage door opener every few months.

Use a Smart Garage Door Opener 

A smart garage door opener has impressive features that give you full control over your garage, even when you are miles away from home. This system is easily attached to your non-smart garage door opener, and it informs you if your doors are open or closed. When an intruder attempts a break-in, you’ll receive an alert on your phone, allowing you to take immediate action. When you forget to shut your garage door, you can close it remotely with just a simple tap on your screen.

Obscure the Garage Interior by Frosting the Windows

Thieves can use your garage windows to get a good look at the tools and toys lying around. Apart from scouting for valuable tools, they also look for vehicles to learn if anyone is home — if they can see the cars are gone, they become bolder and may even attempt breaking into the main house. Add a layer of frosted film on your garage windows to keep your possessions out of sight. The film will also allow light to filter through when you are working in the garage.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

Even the best technology won’t protect you if you frequently leave your garage open. Make it a habit to keep the garage door down, whether you are inside your home, working on your yard, or going for a walk nearby. If you often forget to close it, install a door closer — it automatically shuts the garage door after a certain amount of time.

A Secure Garage Means a Safer Home

A working garage door minimizes the risk of burglaries, injuries, and car damage. Boost your garage’s security by regularly inspecting and repairing the door, using an automatic lock system, and reprogramming the opener regularly. A more secure garage means a safer home.