The History of Online Gambling

By  //  October 28, 2020

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The idea of life without the internet in today’s world is an almost absurd perspective. There is an entire generation that was not there when the internet was not in existence.

The Internet has had a massive influence on many things. In fact, most of us have become dependent on online access as part of our daily lives.

For instance, the web has dramatically changed how we transact business, the way we shop, and many other areas. Another industry that’s hugely dependent on the internet is gambling.

How did Online Gambling Start? 

Gambling began from small beginnings. However, it’s now a billion-dollar business. Various gambling sites offer different kinds of services globally.

That’s to say, anybody with a good internet connection can play. You can easily place bets on sporting events, play poker, casino games and so much more.

Forget about having to walk to a land-based casino to get that experience. Below, you’ll find info on how various forms of gambling evolved. Read on to learn about their histories.

The Origins of Online Gambling

The first online site went live in the mid-’90s. Initially, the top sites operated out of Barbuda and Antigua. This was due to the island’s processing act and free trade.

This bill gave the small Caribbean state licenses to businesses interested in online casinos. So, they developed a new industry. Around the same time, Microgaming, one of the industry’s leading software providers, was gaining popularity.

Throughout the years,  Microgaming grew to become a renowned company. Besides, it’s one of the leading illuminations and a firm that’s virtually transformed gambling online.

Today, Microgaming is still considered the most reliable software supplier in the online gaming industry. Their software presently supports all kinds of online gaming sites, including poker rooms, casinos, and others.

The Rise of Online Slots 

Study shows that the demand for the online casino is on the rise.  The lockdown had a significant impact on online gambling. Thus, it facilitated its growth.

Because people had the time and couldn’t move from place to place, online gambling was the real deal. But, you’ll realize that free time is not the only thing attracting the masses to gambling. The evolution of the industry is also attracting more attention.

Also, lockdown is one of the factors fuelling the rise of online slots. Most people this year are working from home. As a result, gamers have turned to online casinos. The demand for online casinos increased substantially after the lockdown.

Through the platforms, you can enjoy table games and slots. According to, the main operators have launched more new seductive promotions such as free spins and great casino bonuses.

Sports Betting Comes into the Picture

Sports betting begun after online casinos. The first betting site was Intertops, established in 1996. However, the record dates back years ago. Greeks introduced the Olympics to the world due to their love for sports.

Initially, they used to bet on athletic competitions. Then, sports betting spread from the Greeks to Rome, where it was finally legalized.

And, the Romans continued to bet on games even after ancient sporting events came to an end. As a result,  gambling spread in their country.

Meanwhile, betting was widespread in England in the form of horse race betting. Likewise, gambling then spread to the entire world. Eventually, it became a pastime for many. To conclude, gambling continues to grow globally. Today sports betting is not only a fun activity but also a multi-billion dollar business.

First Online Table Games

Table games arrived in the United States through France settlers. Then, it spread to traders and elite farmers. Most of the time, people played on steamboats on the Mississippi River.

Roulette is a famous table game in all casinos.  As you may have guessed, it’s a French term. It means a little wheel and dates back to the 18th century in France. Another table game that still came from France is Blackjack. Any casino table games fan knows about Blackjack.

Next, we have Baccarat. Though the game is not as popular, it dates back to the 15th century. The table game was an investment earlier than the two games.

It’s an Italian word meaning zero. It was popular among the French but took a long to spread across Europe. Today the game is well-known with high-rolling players as the low house edge and fast-paced action. If you enjoy big stakes casino gaming, this is the game for you.

Which Online Casino was First?

It didn’t take long after the debut of the first online casinos for the individuals to recognize their full potential. The first real money online casino debut dates back to 1996. It was launched by InterCasino, a provider that is still famous among gamblers today. Years later, InterCasino’s success inspired many. Thus, they started emulating their example.

Many casinos emerged. And, the field is competitive. Every operator strived to be at the top. They wanted to provide the largest range of game types.

At that time, computer technologies were limited. Companies had to develop ideas that would make consumers choose their products. Providers invented many schemes to attract more clients.

That’s how welcome bonuses came into existence. As a result, quality software and games skyrocketed. Features like progressive games and multiplayer games, themed slots were on the rise. Therefore, online casinos became more appealing to the multitudes.

Origin of Online Poker

In 1998, a new site named Planet Poker came up. It was the first to run online poker. Despite technical issues due to unreliable dial-up internet, it was attractive.

But, Planet never succeeded as the first poker site. Other operators joined the market and were prosperous. For instance, Paradise Poker was more stable and advanced compared to Planet Poker. Similarly, various operators launched more sites.

Examples include Poker Spot and UltimateBet. The popularity of online poker has increased in the last few years. Many people still play poker. The best part is, there’re numerous sites to play.

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