Oldest Online Casinos Servicing the Canadian Market

By  //  November 10, 2020

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The gambling industry is Canada is rocking and it just keeps growing as time goes by. The huge variety of gaming activities actually generate considerable revenue for the economy, benefitting the country as a whole (and maintaining a friendly relationship with regulators).

Because of this amicable gambling environment, more and more Canadians are choosing online gambling as one of their favourite pastimes… especially during the age of COVID.

Despite the boom of online casinos in the modern era, some of the original casinos on the market are still around and doing better than ever. The mid-90s saw the first online casinos popping up on old school computers with maddeningly-slow internet speeds. What must that have been like?

The Oldest Online Casino Ever

Online casinos are like having hundreds of land-based casinos fit conveniently in your living room. You can play all of the games you love, wager (and get paid) easily and digitally, as well as enjoy all of the technological advances that have come with the modern age.

The first online casino was probably the most exciting experience for fans of the hobby. Instead of having to drive or fly to the nearest casino, you could just log in. And Gaming Club was the first.

Gaming Club

Gaming Club is the undisputed winner of the oldest online casino in the world. It launched way back in 1994 when the internet required horrible screeching from dial-up internet and phone calls were constantly interrupted.

26 Years Young

It wasn’t necessarily the only online casino that sprouted up in ‘94, but it’s the one that successfully outlasted the competition and gained the title of Oldest Online Casino.

Nowadays, players don’t need to wait 30 minutes just to connect to the internet (thank goodness) and Gaming Club has certainly evolved with the times. They offer everything you could possibly want from an online casino: slots, poker, scratchers, mobile gaming, and even live dealers.

When you look at what Gaming Club has done over the years, you’ll see a completely modern and sleek online casino with hardly any age lines to show for it.

The Microgaming Monopoly

Microgaming is the company behind all of the great casino software powering the games you know and love. It is a privately-held tech company located in the Isle of Man and is considered the original software developer for the first online casinos.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that all of the oldest online casinos in Canada used Microgaming’s technology at one point or another.

Intertops & InterCasino

The second wave of online casinos hit the digital scene in 1996. Among these were the gaming giants Intertops and Intercasino. Both were veterans in the casino world and were now treading new territory by going digital.

Throughout several buyouts over the years, both casinos ended up based outside of Canada but still servicing an international market.

Intertops used to be powered by Microgaming but has since moved on to Real Time Gaming (RTG). The change hasn’t slowed them down over the years and they still offer a host of gaming options including sports betting around the world.

InterCasino has embraced its place in internet history as one of the oldest online casinos and markets heavily towards its VIPs. Don’t let that scare you away. They offer hundreds of games and bonuses for new and casual players as well.

Jackpot City Casino

The third wave of online casinos came in 1998. They were by no means late to the party.

Jackpot City Casino is part of the third wave that’s homegrown-Canadian and is rather impressive in its offerings. They offer standard slots, have their own live dealers too, and they have some pretty serious progressive jackpots that can hit near the millions.

They clearly know what they’re doing if they’ve managed to stay around since the late 90s, not to mention their evolution with the times. Jackpot City offers downloads for mobile gaming as an option and it looks like there’s no slowing down in their future.

A Mecca of Online Casinos

Sitting here in 2020, it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come with the technological revolutions we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. Online casinos continue to harness the power of the internet to add more fun, variety, and entertainment for their players. And the best part is, we can now play casino games from any place and time.

Historically, Canadian players have been the luckiest of all, reaping the incredible rewards of choice due to friendly federal and provincial laws and a ton of gaming options. Online casinos are only going to get bigger and better from here and Canada is leading the way as a real mecca of the online casino world.