Try Some Best Protein Sources 

By  //  November 26, 2020

Protein powders in India are getting popular day by day. It is not because of the attractive protein powder price. It is because it is showing the results that it is promising.

No doubt these supplements are a rich source of protein and meet the requirements of certain nutrients that are necessary for achieving any fitness goals.

It is also true that if you try to take a certain amount of protein from your meal you will end up feeling full. On the contrary, supplements in small amounts can give you a good amount of nutrients.

But before buying any protein powder use some of the natural sources of protein that offer a wide range of nutrients that are helpful for overall growth. 

■ Milk: It is known as a complete food as it consists of almost every nutrient necessary for growth and development of the body. Along with calcium, BCAAs, and other nutrients, it is a rich source of protein as it consists of two most effective proteins like whey protein and casein protein. 

■ Whey & Casein: Although whey is found in less amount in milk than casein it covers most of the supplement industry. Casein has a major part in milk and consists of all nutrients that whey has but as it is slow digesting protein people avoid taking it as a supplement. But for faster results, you must use both. But the timing is quite different. Take whey protein supplement immediately after training to get faster recovery or faster supply of nutrients. While sleeping you need the nourishments too, so use casein protein before going to bed. 

■ Dairy Products: Curd and cheese are good sources of protein and consist of some other nutrients that are very helpful for overall wellness. Dairy products also have all the nutrients that are available in the milk. These can be used in so many tasty ways without compromising your nutrients requirements. 

■ Chicken Breast: You must have heard about chicken that it is a rich source of fats. But the breast part of chicken consists of a high amount of protein. The dedicated fitness enthusiasts consume half-boiled chicken breast for protein. 

■ Eggs: White part of eggs is a very good source of protein. Gym goers usually take white parts of eggs and avoid yolk parts. Yes, it is very hard to digest yellow parts of eggs, but it also consists of a good amount of protein. So, it is better to eat one whole egg and three eggs with only white parts. 

■ Pulses: Gram, lentils, chickpeas, cowpeas, and other pulses are the rich source of protein that are mostly consumed in India as a curry. People in India consume it with rice or bread but if you eat pulses in larger amounts you will get more protein than carbohydrates. 

No doubt protein powder is a good source of protein but if you use these natural sources of protein, you will get other nutrients without feeling heavy. These protein sources can be used as snacks other than your meal. So, before planning to buy the best protein powders in India, try to get protein from these sources.