Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guides

By  //  November 26, 2020

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Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes, designs, colors and sizes. This is a fact everyone agrees on. People ask questions about these cleaning equipment or gadgets especially when they are thinking about buying one.

We will provide you with a few tips to consider when you are making that important buying decision. Checking vacuum reviews is also not such a bad idea.

What’s a Vacuum Cleaner?

This might sound obvious but it is actually a good question for someone who doesn’t have an idea where to start.  A simple answer to this question. ‘A vacuum cleaner is equipment used for cleaning different spaces and the way it does this is by sucking dirt from the floor’.

So what are the different types? A canister type for example, has a standard pump for sucking dirt or dust, and a long stick which has a brush at one end as part of the equipment. The motor is mounted on a housing which has wheels. It’s a question of timing and knowing when to pull and when to stop.

Types you Want to Buy

Sometimes it helps to know the gadget you want to purchase and when it comes to vacuum cleaners, it’s a question of knowing the exact differences between the various types available. You are buying so you want to make the best decision. The two broad categories of these cleaners are the canister based model and the upright version. Let’s consider these separately.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It has all functional components  located in one unit. The suction head is fixed at the end of a long handle during cleaning. This is moved in a sideways sweeping motion across the floor. Most versions of this type are highly maneuverable and are able to fit into small spaces.

The upright version also has the advantage of easy storage since it is fitted with wheels. It requires little effort to move across the floor. It is ideally suited for cleaning up carpeted surfaces. As mentioned earlier, their smaller compact size makes for easy storage as they can be fitted into small cupboards or closets.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The canister models generally have greater suction power as their large housing units are able to accommodate larger and more powerful electric motors. An advantage of the canister version is that they produce less noise than their upright counterparts.

They perform well on floors with little or no carpeting and their flat brushes cause them to raise very little dust during operation. Their long telescopic wand enables the canister vacuum to have a long reach and makes cleaning of stairs or beneath small tables easy.

Dust Bags

The effectiveness of your cleaning gadget depends on the dust bags. Whatever type you decide to choose from the vacuum reviews, the dust bag has to be changed regularly.

For homeowners with many kids or house pets, it is important to change them more frequently. It is necessary to think about the type of dust you are most likely to come across in your rooms because some dust bags are well designed  for holding fine dust.

It might be wiser if your pocket allows you to buy two of them, one for fine dust and the other for coarser particles. When installing the bag, always make sure it is aligned properly so that there is unimpeded flow of material.

For those homes where very fine dust particles are dominant it is often necessary to change the dust bag more frequently. Always check your dust bags for possible clogging of the airway by fine dust particles.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This type is light weight and easier to handle than both the  canister models. It is a good buy if you often carry out quick cleaning jobs. It’s flexible stick allows it to fit into tight spaces. There are both bagged and bagless varieties on the market.

The choice is entirely up to you at the end of the day. Don’t forget to go through vacuum reviews in order to make the best decision.