Top Successful and Richest Forex Traders Stories

By  //  December 29, 2020

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Each and every trader of the world no matter they are a veteran or a beginner has the same aim in their mind and that is to become one of the most successful forex traders of the world one day. The richest forex traders share their forex success stories everywhere they go.

They let people know how they made it on the forex trading markets and what helped them to become the best forex broker through their craft.

Reading all these forex success stories can motivate you with the precious insight of their work to become one of the famous forex traders of the world.

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George Soros

If you are a forex trader, you must hear the famous name of George Soros. He is one of the richest forex traders as well as the best forex trader in the world.

He is an icon of this forex market. People consider him the legend of this market because of his legendary feat of making a profit of $1 billion from a short position only.

It means the practice of selling trades for a higher price and buying them for a lower and cheaper price. This is how he made this amount of profits in that specific asset’s price.

Soros was a very smart man who knew how to become the best forex broker. During the 1992 market crash, he read the situation early and took his decisions on the forex investments accordingly.

He picked the right decision of going short back then and it made him the person he is today. He made a huge amount of profits that time and marked his name and territory as one of the richest forex traders of this business.

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is another famous forex trader who has a higher rating in the forex broker reviews. Most of the traders of the forex market know his forex success stories.

He started his journey as a commodity trader and then after taking a risk in the stock market with short positions, he earned an amount of $100 million during the danger period of the market. It led him to the position of the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange as well.

Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus is one best and most successful forex traders in the world. He is one of the best ECN brokers who possesses a great review in forex broker reviews. He is the founding member of the famous Commodities Corporation Company and considered one of the richest forex traders of the world right now.

In his peak time, he once earned $300 million from the German market. He learned all the ins and outs of the forex market from the famous Ed Seykota and then he went far ahead from his mentor.

Chris Wheeler 

Our team added the name of Chris Wheeler to motivate all the newcomers out there. He is really an inspiration for them. If you are also one of them and worried as hell thinking about your returns then his story certainly can give you some ray of hope.

This guy was one heck of a lucky person who made huge profits in a short period of time. He managed to make a withdrawal of $100 million just by depositing $25000. His success is really unbelievable and inspirational. He is an icon for all the newcomers who came to start trading out there in the forex market.

Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota is one of the richest forex traders in the world. He just didn’t make good profits in the market alone. He helped people with his forex success stories and mentored them to become the best forex trader in the world.

Michael Marcus is the living example of his mentorship. He was one of those few successful forex traders of the ’70s. He was different from all the other names as he is from a very older generation. But he played the role of the pioneer in this scenario and helped others to get interested in forex trading. Therefore, all the forex broker reviews still take his name as the best forex trader in the world.

The journey from a beginner to the best forex broker is not always a long one. If you have the proper knowledge about trading and understanding of the market, you can achieve a lot of things and to succeed in the forex market. Sometimes luck also plays a vital role in becoming the best forex trader in the world.