Best Online Solution to Repair Corrupt Videos (Free)

By  //  January 21, 2021

Let’s say you’ve organized a movie night at your place, invited all your friends, and created the perfect vibe to watch your favorite movie together. But, as soon as you hit the play button on your laptop, you notice a jerky playback or an unfamiliar video error on your screen.

This is generally an indication that the video you’re trying to play is corrupt or damaged. The truth is different factors, ranging from a software-related issue to storage-related errors, can corrupt a video file.

However, instead of seeing the movie night get ruined, your first step should be to fix the corrupt file.

To make your job easier, we are going to introduce the best online video repair tool that’ll help you instantly repair a corrupt video and watch your favorite movies/TV shows without any interruption.

Part 1: Why We Need a Video Repair Tool

What is the need for a professional video repair tool? Can’t you simply fix a corrupt video by switching to a different media player? To be honest, using a different media player will only work if the existing player does not support the desired file format.

For instance, if you are trying to play an MKV video using Windows Media Player (WMP), it’ll simply return a playback error.

However, when we are talking about a damaged/corrupt video file, switching the media player won’t work at all. In this case, you’ll need a professional video repair tool to fix the problem. These types of tools are designed to rebuild the damaged codecs so that you can watch the video without any issues.

Part 2: Recommended Video Repair online for free 

So, what’s the best online video repair tool to fix corrupt videos? While you can find a wide range of online tools, we recommend using Wondershare Repairit Online.

It has an extensive range of features and a pretty straightforward process that’ll help you repair corrupt videos in 3-easy steps. It’s a perfect choice for users who want to repair small videos (less than 200 MB) without installing an additional tool on their system.

Here are a few key features of Wondershare Repairit Online that makes it the best video repair software online.

■ Supports 3 most popular video formats (MP4, MOV, & 3GP)

■ Repair videos having up to 200 MB file size

■ Repair Corrupt videos for free (up to 10 videos/day)

■ Watch a 30-second preview after the repairing process completes

Complete Privacy so that no one can access your videos online

In a nutshell, Wondershare Repairit is the perfect tool to repair small video clips that are recorded on your smartphone. If you are stuck with such a video file, here’s the step-by-step process to repair it using Wondershare Repairit Online.

Step 1 – Upload Corrupt Video

First and foremost, go to Repair your videos nowand tap the “+” icon to upload the video. You can also directly upload a file using simple “drag-&-drop”.

It can take several minutes for a file to successfully get uploaded to the server, depending on its size.

Step 2 – Repair Video

As soon as the file gets uploaded, Repairit will automatically start to identify the issues and fix the file. Be patient as this process may take a while.

Step 3 – Download Repaired Video

Finally, once the repairing process completes, you’ll see a “Success” message on your screen. Now, tap the “Save Video” button to save the repaired file on your PC.

That’s how to fix corrupt/damaged videos using Wondershare Video Repair online.

Part 3: Advanced Video Repair Tool

While the online version of Repairit can help you repair small video files, it won’t work if we are talking about a large video file (more than 200MB). But, the good news is that you can download Wondershare Repairit on your PC and use it to repair any corrupt file. Repairit Desktop is a paid video repair tool that comes with a price tag of $29.95/month.

As opposed to the online version, Wondershare Repairit doesn’t have any size limit, which means you can even use it to repair a complete 3-hours movie as well. Repairit Desktop also supports more than 10 video formats, allowing users to repair different types of video files.

What separates it from other video repair tools is that Repairit Desktop comes with two different repair modes, i.e., Quick Repair & Advanced Repair. In case you are dealing with a severely corrupt video that won’t even play, you can use the second mode and fix the damaged video using a dedicated reference file.

Part 4: Online vs. Desktop Tool

Both Wondershare Repairit Online and Repairit Desktop have distinct features that make them suitable for different scenarios. To choose the right version as per your requirements, here’s a detailed comparison table that compares different features of both RepairIt versions.

Feature Wondershare Video Repair Online Wondershare Repairit Desktop
Supported Video Formats Supports 3 Formats Only Supports 10+ Video Formats
Maximum File Size 200 MB No Size Limit
Number of Files Up To 10 Videos/Day Repair as many Videos as You Want
Multiple File Repairing Repair 1 Video At Once Repair Multiple Videos Simultaneously
Preview  Watch 30-second preview Watch the complete preview for each file
Repair Modes Only Supports Quick Repair Quick Repair and Advanced Repair Mode
Repair Videos From Cameras No Repair Videos from Any Storage Device

From the above table, it’s clear that Repairit Desktop is a more reliable option if you want to repair a large video file. On the other hand, if you only want to repair a small video and don’t want any long-term investments, you can also use Wondershare Repairit Online to get the job done.

Final words

It can be extremely frustrating to see your favorite movie/video get corrupted accidentally. But, instead of panicking, you can use Wondershare Repairit, the best video repair tool, to instantly repair the damaged video and continue your entertainment session without any interruption. Simply choose between Repairit Online and Repairit Desktop as per your situation and repair the video easily.