Booty Shorts For Your Body Type

By  //  January 7, 2021

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Shorts are one of the most treasured outfits in a girl’s wardrobe. But sometimes, as we grow up, our favorite pair of shorts no longer seem to fit us. Also, not all the variants of shorts available in the market are ideal for all body types. 

Some may ride up your thighs as you sit down and some may expose the cellulite in your legs. Therefore, here are some tips to find the best booty shorts for your body type.

Know Your Body Type

There are a plethora of options for shorts hung in the shops and malls. But before buying the perfect pair of shorts for yourself, you must know your body type.

■ Apple Shape

Apple-shaped body types have an undefined waistline. In other words, the waistline is broader than the shoulders. For such body types, Bermuda shorts are a great way to make your thighs look thinner. Also, mid-rise and exposed-pocketed shorts are worth given a try.

■ Pear Shape

In the pear-shaped body type, most of the weight is accumulated on the lower portion. Therefore, slim-fitted shorts are the best option for this body type. These types of shorts even out of the body and make the legs look much longer. High-rise shorts and dark-colored shorts are the best choices for pear-shaped body type.

■ Rectangle Shape

In this body type, there isn’t much difference in the width of the shoulders, hips, and waist. For this body type, a high waist, super skinny shorts are a perfect way to make the waist look thinner. Also, pleated shorts can help you to add volume to your lower body.

■ Hourglass Shape

An hourglass body type is the one with broad shoulders and hips and a narrow waist. A-line shorts are the perfect options for this body type. It is because A-line shorts make the legs look slender and long.

■ Strawberry Shape

In this body type, the shoulders are broader than the hips. Therefore, horizontal striped flappy shorts tend to create an illusion of wider legs. Hence, they even out the body proportions on the upper and lower sides.

Balance the Shorts With Your Top

One of the keys to walking in great style while wearing booty shorts is to make a strong balance in the length of the top and the length of your shorts. Striking the right balance doesn’t just make you look more stylish but also, keeps you comfortable.

Therefore, the size of your top must be proportional to the length of your shorts. For example, pairing shorts with a tank top or a tee is a great combination.

Find the Exact Length

In the moments where you are uncertain about the length of the shorts you need, follow the simple rule of staying in the middle. It is always good to go for something of a middle length which is neither too short and nor too long.

Short girls should opt for shorter length shorts as they tend to make the legs look longer. Besides, go for shorts with a clean hemline for a more polished style. Also, don’t go for too short and too tight options as they simply disturb the balance.

Choose the Best Waist Type

Low-waist shorts are a perfect option for those whose torso is located on the shorter side of the body. This makes your midsection look longer. Also, they let your torso show, giving an illusion of a taller body. On the other hand, if you have got a high waist and short legs, go for high-waist shorts. These make your legs look longer and sassier.

Final Thoughts

These easy tips and tricks are sure to help you find the right pair of sexy booty shorts. Show off your perfect figure and sway your hips in style!