Challenges of Studying Nursing in College During a COVID-19 Pandemic

By  //  January 25, 2021

The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the lives of millions of people all around the world. Among the most affected by these crisis categories of people, one can mention students who study nursing. According to their profession, such people have to compose humankind’s first line of defense from the deadly virus in the nearest future.

Unfortunately, there are lots of issues that spoil the process of education for nursing students.

The Significant Challenges of Studying Nursing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lack of Communication

Communication matters a lot for healthcare practitioners. Especially in the times of lockdown, communication is lacking for all people. Most essays about nursing focus on the importance of in-person interactions between members of the nursing staff. When there is a requirement to conduct all lessons and practice remotely, students may lack communication.

Surely, they may focus on individual assignments similar to multiple free essays that can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, such a format will not satisfy the students’ requirements for communication, which can make them feel stressed out and negatively affect their desire to study.

Distance From Families

In times of the pandemic, students often have to stay isolated for long. They even miss the opportunity to return home in order to see their families. For sure, such a problem increases the pressure on young people studying nursing. Such students miss the opportunity to communicate with the most precious people in their lives.

A valuable point that makes the situation even worse is that there is no definite answer on when will such learners see their loved ones. For sure, it makes young people much less stress-resistant, which spoils their academic performance.

Issues With Practice

Another important nursing school struggles in the age of the pandemic is the lack of practice, which cannot be completely replaced with essay writing and other paper tasks. Practical lessons are much better for gaining new knowledge.

Well, the sad news is that the education during covid has increased the risks associated with practical lessons that are important in nursing. Because of the impressive pace of disease transmission, in-person practice in nursing between learners and patients creates great risks. It is the reason why the amount of practical activities is limited for these students.

Problems of Remote Learning

Another significant problem related to nursing is that students often have to attend classes, write essays and research papers remotely. They miss many activities and the sense of engagement, an essential feature of traditional nursing education. Such a situation may negatively affect their academic performance.

Surely, you may think that remote classes organized with the most recent technologies can perfectly substitute for traditional lessons. Unfortunately, many learners perceive such a format as much less responsible than the traditional one and can even feel demotivated.

Fear of Tomorrow

We have to revisit the question of the lack of certainty about the future one more time. Nursing students and coronavirus is a real problem. Healthcare students understand that people employed in the medical sphere face significant risk during the pandemic.

The rates of infected with COVID-19 healthcare practitioners are horrifying. Many students who study nursing start doubting their choice of profession. They are merely not prepared for tremendous numbers of patients and deadly threats associated with their occupation. Such a situation increases the levels of stress among learners studying nursing and spoils their proficiency.


The crisis of COVID-19 creates many problems for students in nursing schools. Such learners may suffer due to the lack of communication with other people or feel stress because of the distance from their families. The threatening health situation also limits learners’ opportunities to get adequate professional practice.

Remote format of education spoils the overall academic performance of young people and makes them even doubt the choice of the profession. It is essential to solve such problems because there is a real threat of losing the complete generation of medical talents.