How Ecommerce Stores Use Facebook Lead Ads to Boost Their Conversions

By  //  January 2, 2021

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Facebook is much more than just a social media platform. It’s also a place where ecommerce companies can create various marketing campaigns to boost their results. No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to know your audience. 

If you are running an ecommerce store, chances are you don’t meet a lot of your customers. At the same time, you have to know them to provide them with the products they want and boost your conversions. That’s where Facebook lead ads come into play.

Facebook lead ads can also help you do your market research and get valuable customer feedback. Here’s how you can do it.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads? 

Before we get to how you can do this, let’s see what Facebook lead ads are. Facebook lead ads are forms used to get customer information, connect to customers through newsletter subscriptions, contests, etc.

When someone clicks on the form, it will show them information based on their profile. Customers are asked to fill out the rest of the steps and complete the form. These ads are optimized for mobile users as well. It’s an easy way to do follow-ups and close sales.

How to Create a Lead Ad 

Here are the steps you need to make in order to create a lead ad:

#1: Open up the ads manager on your Facebook profile. 

#2: Click on the create ad button and choose “Lead Generation”. 

#3: Choose the ad page and name your campaign. 

#4: Set up your budget, target audience, placements, and so on. 

#5: Choose how you want your ad to be displayed and write your copy, CTA, and headline. 

#6: Click on the “Contact Form” button at the bottom of the page and customize your ad. 

#7: Adjust language on the settings option. 

Improving Conversion Rates With Facebook Lead Ads

To make people give you valuable information about them, you need to offer some incentive in return. You can do this with events, contests, deals, discounts, pre-orders, free content download, and so on.

After you’ve determined what you want to offer, here are some tips that can help you get the most of your ads.

Make Your Forms Simple & Easy 

The easier your form is to fill out, the more people will do it. Ask only for crucial information and create simple questions that are easy to answer. Consider adding questions with choice-answers.

Make a Clear Value Proposition 

Share your value proposition upfront. Let everyone know what they are signing up for and what they’ll get out of it. Write both the copy and introduction sections of the ad, even though they might be optional. Use them to explain what your customers will gain and use your brand’s voice.

Use Questions Wisely

Standardized questions offered by Facebook aren’t enough. Take the time to create custom questions for better results. There are three different custom question options, including conditional, multiple-choice questions, and short answer questions.

Short questions require one or two words to be answered, and multiple-choice questions let people add multiple answers or choose from them, while conditionals limit answers to desired scenarios.

Use Crafty Targeting 

Finding your audience is all about proper targeting. There are three options available:

■ Lookalike Audiences: This is used for targeting potential customers that are similar to your current ones. You simply add your current customers’ details, and Facebook will find those people on your platform.

■ Custom Audiences: If you have thorough research about your audience, this option lets you put in all the details you want. Additionally, you can import information about your customers from your CRM if you are using one.

People Near You: If your ecommerce store is focused on your local market, that’s a good targeting option.

Follow up on Your Leads 

When you get vital customer information through your ads, you need to do a follow-up. That’s how you can keep leads engaged and turn them into customers quickly. Consider talking to people directly on Facebook Messenger or send them promotional emails.

The longer you are interacting with potential customers, the more they will be engaged with your brand. That will make them more open to buying something from your store.

The Bottom Line 

Facebook lead ads are especially good if you are just developing your ecommerce store and need to get valuable leads. Furthermore, you can build brand awareness and facilitate valuable customer data for further marketing efforts and analysis.

Following these steps is sure to help you create an effective ads campaign and avoid omission of important information. Once the ad campaign is active there’s no going back, so it is important to have an established procedure that ensures there is a low chance of mistakes being made.