HubSpot vs Hootsuite: Which is Best for Social Media Marketing and Management?

By  //  January 16, 2021

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This is the generation of social media interaction. Small businesses as well as big companies are all shifting to social media to create their brand awareness. Thus, it is only relevant that marketing strategies nowadays involve social media exposure.

This is when tools like HubSpot and Hootsuite come in handy. They help the users to manage their social media, market it, provide SEO optimization and also various other insights.

There is a constant fight between these two social media management tools in securing the first position. There are endless HubSpot comparisons to Hootsuite to know which suits one’s brand better. If you are looking for the same, this is just the place where you will find your answers.

It monitors social media, helps in promotion as well as engagement and you can even gain real Instagram likes and followers.

Differentiating HubSpot from Hootsuite:

Before you decide your ideal social media management tool, it is essential that you know the basic difference between HubSpot and Hootsuite.

HubSpot is the marketer and developer of software that gives you insight into inbound marketing, sales and customer service. HubSpot allows you to manage your social media and additionally lets you use features like HubSpot CRM and CMS.

A lot of users pick HubSpot because it provides these additional features that give a range to a brand’s visibility and reach. On the other hand, there are users who do not use HubSpot primarily for their social media management but for the additional features.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool where various social media platforms’ networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn integrate.

It monitors social media, helps in promotion as well as engagement and you can even gain real Instagram likes and followers. It even schedules and publishes posts in advance to analyse what marketing strategy is working best for your brand.

Important Social Features in both HubSpot and Hootsuite:

It is important to find the common links between HubSpot and Hootsuite so later on we can analyse who has the upper hand. There are few social features present both in HubSpot & Hootsuite that help you to grow your social media presence.

Hootsuite and HubSpot both are efficient when it comes to scheduling posts on various social media platforms. They both also have Chrome plug-ins that allow you to track and automate posts outside the platform.

Chrome plug-ins are beneficial to help you connect to a wide audience. It also helps keep track of every engagement. This feature is crucial to understand if the efforts you are putting in to create your brand presence is actually working in your favour or not.

Apart from that, the RSS feed is another common feature between HubSpot and Hootsuite. Both the social media management tools let you create an RSS feed. This RSS feed is what helps you attract an ample number of visits to your website.

Furthermore, it also helps you promote your brand to other influencers and vice versa. Due to the presence of an RSS feed two brands can easily uplift one other and establish a stronger community.

So, yes, both HubSpot and Hootsuite are slightly similar in their functioning. Moreover, both the tools promise the best for your social media. However, there are slight differences in their social features that might help you understand the ideal fit for your business.

Unique Features of HubSpot

Inbox Streams are present in both HubSpot and Hootsuite. It helps you to record your engagement, gaining new engagements on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and organize them in a single place.

This is something that helps you to compare and analyze the data from different social media platforms and avoids confusion and loss of data. However, in HubSpot the Twitter stream is separate. Thus, analyzing your brand’s activity on Twitter can be monitored separately.

HubSpot also gives a rather comprehensive report when it comes to the buyer. These reports are created within the platform allowing you to understand your buyers’ preferences.

However, this feature is not as detailed in Hootsuite as it is in HubSpot. This makes HubSpot a more buyer-centric social media management tool than Hootsuite.

Unique Features of Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s user interface is very detailed as it comes in the form of a unique dashboard for each social media platform. This lets you focus on each platform individually. Additionally, Hootsuite is budget-friendly. It is a goldmine for small brands who can avail it for free too!

You have to keep in mind that Hootsuite’s prime target is to improve and engage in your social media’s welfare. Thus, it is more user-centric and focuses less on the customer relationship.


The dealbreaker question comes back yet again- Which is better HubSpot or Hootsuite?
The answer, however, lies in what your brand focuses on.

It is a top choice to pick HubSpot with its additional features and customer relationship management. However, if you are looking solely to focus on your social media Hootsuite might be your call. For the best results, people end up using both in a fashion where they complement one another.