In-Ground Spa VS Above Ground Spa: Which Is Better

By  //  January 17, 2021

A hot tub or spa is almost a staple for both winter regions. It offers a soothing bath to give you maximum pleasure, hydrotherapy, and relaxation after a busy day. At times these are also known as Jacuzzi. 

Nonetheless, when you decide to get one for your home, the debate between the in-ground spa vs. above ground spa becomes crucial. To be honest, each spa type is incredibly good at serving you a relaxed feel with soothing comfort.

Yet, you will have pick one over another between the in-ground and above ground spa. Hence, we will discuss the benefits and advantages of these two spa types to make your decision easier and practical.

So, let’s see the details about these two types of spa, aka, Jacuzzi.

In-Ground Spa VS Above Ground Spa

When you install an outdoor hot tub, it will give you unimaginable rewards. It benefits you with relaxation and stress removal with immense fun. You will need to choose between the above ground and in-ground spas at first for these benefits.

In-ground spa details:

As the name suggests, in-ground spas sit within the ground. So, your outdoor space has a cleaner appearance. It helps in improving the home’s aesthetics. Furthermore, you will get more customizing alternatives with the in-ground spas.

Thus, people often tilt towards the in-ground spas more. It is not all positives; rather, it has some major setbacks, including its incapability of portability.

Advantages of in-ground spas:

■ In-ground spas are aesthetically pleasing. As it sits inside the ground, it doesn’t create clutter in your outdoor space. Thus, it fits with most home décor better than the above ground Jacuzzis.

■ It features a bench seating design. So, all will easily fit into its one-depth construction. Hence, you don’t need additional space for family members.

■ You will get five to twelve jets with it.

■ You are free to choose the desired shape and size for the in-ground spas without being concerned about the outdoor space and theme.

■ You are free to mount it partially or fully submerged in the ground. Thus, it gives you more customizing alternatives.

■ For design and aesthetics purposes, you can choose from various materials. It includes acrylic, porcelain, vinyl, concrete, etc.

■ It integrates with multiple features and add-on systems such as fountains, lights, and speakers for your necessity.

Disadvantages of in-ground spas:

■ In-ground spas are expensive and need a hefty investment for the initial installation. Similarly, its maintenance is costly too.

■ It will contain around 5 to 20 potential jets. It is relatively lesser than the above ground Jacuzzis.

■ If you have a large hot tub or an irregular shape, finding the right cover for it would be challenging. Also, it will be costly.

■ It only features a bench seating arrangement. Hence, short people might find their heads below water and feel discomfort.

■ The in-ground spas are mostly stationary and can’t be transported easily.

Above Ground Spa Details 

You might guess the construction of this spa type from the naming. It sits above the ground and is easily visible also. Nonetheless, most spa lovers will choose the above ground Jacuzzis due to their portability and lower cost. Also, it is straightforward to install the above ground spas. It comes with more jets for better relaxation.

Its prominent setbacks include a lack of aesthetics and less customizing options.

Advantages of Above Ground Spas: 

■ The purchasing, installation, and operational costing of the above ground spa are relatively low. It won’t force you to break the bank account.

■ You can plug-in the above ground Jacuzzis with the 240-volt power outlet. So, these plug and play units are relatively easy to install.

■ These spas come with quick and easy portability. So, you can easily port it to different locations and enjoy the spa facility.

■ You can cover the spa easily when not in use. Also, you can quickly get an integrated cover for it for better protection.

■ It comes with 30 to 100 potential jets. It means more people can enjoy the soothing hydro massage for stress-free relaxation.

■ It needs the least maintenance. Furthermore, the mechanics are relatively easy to access. These mechanics are weatherproof for better protection and durability.

■ The spa comes with multiple seating arrangements, and you can control these arrangements at ease. Thus, these contoured seats easily accommodate people of all heights.

■ You can customize the above ground pool with different add-ons such as LED light and stereo speaker system.

Disadvantages of Above Ground Spas:

■ The above ground spas create clutter in your outdoor space. Hence, it doesn’t look pleasing and aesthetic.

■ Senior citizens and people with physical disabilities will find getting in and out of the above ground spa difficult. So, it is not suitable for them.

■ You don’t get many alternatives to customize the shape and sizes.

■ The interior surface features are limited too.

Which Is Better Between Above Ground and In-Ground Spa? 

This question has no fixed answer since both types of spas come with incredible benefits. Thus, the actual selection will depend on your outdoor décor, family size, and your necessity.

First off, consider the family size and decide how many people will use the Jacuzzi at home. For large families, one should get the above ground spa due to its flexibility in seating arrangements. For small family and individual uses, the in-ground spa will be an excellent option.

Next, consider the aesthetics of your outdoor space. In-ground spas, with their submerged design, look eye-pleasing. Also, it fits versatile home décor that above ground Jacuzzis won’t match.

Lastly, consider the cost of purchase and installation of the spa type. And in this case, above ground spas are simply unmatched. It will only need $4000 to $5000 for the purchase and installation. On the contrary, in-ground hot tubs will need $12000 to $18000 for the entire installation.


We have described the details of the in-ground spa vs. above ground spa with detailed advantages and disadvantages.  Now, we leave the ball of deciding between the two spa types in your court. But if you ask us for suggestions, we would keep an eye on the budget and family size mostly.

If your budget fits, go for the in-ground spa. Also, it is better for contemporary décor.

Choose the above ground spa for a large family. Also, it is suitable for homeowners with a limited budget.