The Impact of Internet on Students Essay Writing

By  //  January 11, 2021

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The internet plays an essential role in education. There is no denying that everyone goes to Google for their problems, issues, confusion, or to seek essay help in this day and age. Prominent search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc., are the most preferred option for students as they provide quick and straightforward access to the wide range of data under the sun.

It offers a plethora of information that may be accessed at any moment. Technology, communication, and online entertainment have all benefited from the internet. However, some people claim that our preoccupation with technology has a negative influence on humankind. Nonetheless, experts claim that the internet helps students get essay help for their courses. 

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The Internet has had a great influence on all spheres of life including educational and essay writing. There is no doubt that the internet has a lot of positive and also negative impacts on students’ essays. Some of the positives of the internet in terms of essay writing include:

For Research 

With the massive information that can be gotten online and the fact that it keeps growing, students when writing essays can access the information and use it to their advantage.

There is no doubt that a well-researched essay is richer than any without proper research. Take an example of an essay where one is asked to write “The best iPhone produced” though one can argue that it may be relative but with the fact that there are always new iPhones with better features than the last one research would provide the answer thereby making one’s work easier.

Learning and Sharing

There is no doubt, the internet has made learning so much easier that one may not even need to be in a classroom to attend classes. Though most people are of the opinion that the Corona Virus made video calling applications like Zoom, Skype and so on become more involved in our day to day life but these applications did exist before now.

These applications can help students have online classes in groups of up to hundreds depending on the given application. With such an opportunity students can attend seminars, workshops from the comfort of their homes and by so doing sharpen their skills.

The Internet has also helped students to quickly access information and data rather than having to always use hard copies. Now you can write an essay for me and share online.

There wouldn’t be any argument that with cloud storage information has become more secure than having one’s information in hard copies and can be easily retrieved.

Writing aids for better writing

Applications like plagiarism checkers, dictionaries, spell checkers have given students a whole lot of options and the fun about this is that some of these applications come in offline mode. With these at a student’s disposal, there is no doubt he/she would turn in a better paper.

Students Collaborations

The internet has helped a lot of students around the world communicate, work and improve on their essays. Come to think of it a student from Kenya can work with a student from Japan both of different cultures and backgrounds and working on an essay would certainly produce a good essay than when one of them were to handle the task.

The negative effects of the internet on essay writing 


With the availability of information online and easily accessible, some students may just copy an already written essay or a considerable amount and pose as the authors.

Sometimes with the hope that the examiners may not check or discover this. have professional writer knowledgeable in all spheres that write quality and plagiarism-free essay.

Decrease in creativity

Over-reliance on the internet for insight and all would lead to loss of creativity from the students. Some writers are of the school of thought that young writers these days lack creativity with their writing similar to each other because they all have the same sources.

Poor writing 

When we write sometimes we are able to use internet slang and short forms to facilitate communication. Students may forget that they are writing an essay that should have some sort of formality and their writing would have so much slang that it reduces the quality of the writing.

If a student is writing an essay and includes this ” u, urs, lol, smh, omg,” and so on there is no doubt that the reader would feel the work isn’t good enough and may not appreciate the work no matter how good the content is.