Top 6 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

By  //  January 15, 2021

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Gone are those days when you built a marketing message for your whole audience base and then sent it directly to them without even a single touch of personalization.

Now, we live in an era where marketers are starting the sales process by selling directly to their best-fit and highest value clients. Well, this is what ABM marketing is offering to the modern world.

While using ABM marketing, you don’t have to waste time, money, and effort on unqualified leads who are not interested in your business and products at all.

ABM marketing is currently the only type of marketing tactic that allows you to move directly to the engagement stage. From there, delighting the target accounts becomes much more comfortable.

In ABM marketing, both sales and marketing teams boost revenue, delight customers, and even promote long term business growth. There are many ways ABM marketing can help your firm, and we are going to discuss some of the most talked-about benefits of ABM marketing for B2B sales lead generation.

Aligning sales and marketing

Proper communication channels and inter-team alignment can be a significant growth source for every firm out there. And since there is 100% transparency in ABM marketing for B2B sales lead generation, you can be sure that both your sales and marketing team is working towards the same goal, and the efforts of both groups are not overlapping each other.

With this type of inter-team communication, both the teams will work under the budget, and the role of every stakeholder will be exact.

There will be proper alignment in the teams, and this will ensure that the interaction, communication, and content flows as per requirements for the accounts you are working with. Even if you are buying data from B2B data providers, your ABM marketing will keep your teams aligned.

Maximizing the relevance of your business

When you are using ABM marketing built on B2B data providers’ data, then the one thing that you will have to focus on is personalization.

From the product information to the sales pitch, everything needs to be highly personalized for every account you will be dealing with. And with better customization and a high personalization level, you can easily maximize your business’s relevance among the accounts.

This happens because your tailored approach to providing information shows the accounts and how your product or service can solve their specific problem. This is one of the major reasons that make ABM ideal for target accounts.

Constant delivery of customer experience

Another reason why ABM marketing is so successful is you need to deliver a consistent experience for the accounts. ABM is not a short process; as you might, an ABM campaign can keep running for several months.

If you are planning to make ABM a success in your firm, you will have to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy form among all the accounts you are targeting. This is precisely how you will succeed in making your accounts feel special and why any account will move to your competitor if you will keep giving them special treatment.

Measure ROI
Measuring ROI in ABM marketing built on B2B contact data is a pie, and this is why you can make changes in your ABM marketing campaign and make it more effective. This also allows you to get sure whether the accounts you were targeting were perfect for your firm or not.

This will help you find the right accounts and then nurture them in the long term while exploring the database for similar types of accounts. If the ROI of your ABM marketing is in your favor, then you can use that ABM marketing campaign as an influencer.

Streamlining the sales
The cycle of sales of different industries, business size, and types may differ, but if any of the firms will start using ABM marketing based on B2B contact data, then their overall sales cycle will improve for sure.

When you start focusing on high-value clients, you will skip the waste of resources and time. This will give you time to spend on the sales cycle steps that have a much larger effect on the revenue.

Since you will be staying efficient and effective while using ABM marketing, your sales will improve automatically. Instead of testing new marketing tools on a large base of leads, you will be concentrating your efforts on where it will work.

Expanding the business via accounts

When it comes down to ABM marketing, then it is the quality that matters more than quantity. The ABM marketing strategy allows you to send specifically designed messages to the leads chosen after proper analysis. This proves to be more effective than trying to close a deal with an unqualified lead and that too as quickly as possible.

Since you take time to build relationships with your accounts in AB, it gives you better chances of expanding your business based on the trust created over a long time.

Account-based marketing doesn’t always need to be a panacea for your firm. You will need to dedicate both time and effort to make your ABM campaign successful. Inform your sales and marketing team about the upcoming ABM marketing campaign and let them work together to streamline your sales and profits.