What the Digitization of Industries Like Casino Gaming Means for Logistics

By  //  January 18, 2021

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Technology and innovation have a major impact on all industries in Poland, including the logistics, the casino and gaming industry. Industry digitization opens brand new opportunities but also poses difficult challenges as it forces us to discard the traditional for the new. 

Guest author Jacek Michałski takes a look at how digitization is impacting the casino gaming and logistics industries in Poland. To know more about Jacek Michałski, click here.

Digitization is the driving factor behind industry evolution. All we have to do is look at how gaming and technology have evolved over the past few decades, shifting gradually from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos to mobile casinos.

Let us now discuss how the digitization of casinos can have a major impact on industries remotely related to gambling, such as logistics.

How Digitization Impacted the Logistics Industry

Logistics first felt the impact of digitization when it gave consumers the power to choose from a variety of vendors through apps and websites. Consumers suddenly started demanding speed, variety, and efficiency, as a result of which logistics firms faced the challenge of proving that they too were capable of digitization.

Although there is very little connection between the logistics industry and the casino and gaming industry in Poland, they had to take similar steps to move towards digitization. The gambling industry had to use the latest technologies to become digital and meet consumers’ demand to play on their desktops and laptops.

Casinos had to compete against one another to attract more consumers and retain consumer loyalty. To effectively compete and keep up with the latest trends and player demands, they had to work on existing games and create something different, something that used the latest animation and video technologies to give players an immersive gaming experience.

Digitization Let to Online Casinos 

Polish operators liked the idea of online casinos because it was easier and cheaper to operate them. They did not require heavy physical equipment and gaming space as they existed only in the cloud. Thus, they hardly needed any logistics.

Poland has one of the fastest growing online casino markets in Europe. Polish players are always looking for casino online to find and play both free to play and real money games. There are a number of great online casinos catering not only to Polish players but to players all around the world.

The biggest casinos in the world form parts of larger entertainment complexes, which include restaurants, spas, hotels, bars, concert areas, and others. The logistical requirements of a land-based casino are, therefore, larger than those of online casinos.

Thanks to Polish online casinos, classic games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, and others no longer require space, equipment, live dealers, and other casino staff to handle them.

Online casinos helped traditional games such as bingo live on and thrive. Software providers used the latest game technologies to create better and more exciting variants of some of the oldest gambling games in the world.

Increasing Reliance on Technology 

Today’s world has become more reliant on technology. Instead of traveling to physical entertainment venues, customers prefer to get their entertainment online through mobile data or Wi-Fi connection plugged into desktops, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

Internet technology has been a major catalyst in the evolution of the entertainment industry, including the casino and gaming industry, in the last few decades.

The number of people from Poland purchasing and buying mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is on the rise.

This will, in turn, lead to a demand for faster internet connections powered by a boost in the popularity of gaming, online casino games, online poker, and online bingo. This could pose a great challenge for the logistics sector.

There hardly appears to be a connection between logistics and online casino gaming, but both feel the impacts of digitization equally.

Using Technology to Transform the Traditional Industries

What can the logistics sector learn from digitization in various industries? The best lesson logistics could learn is to use technology to transform the traditional instead of discarding the traditional altogether.

The gambling industry has already shown the world how the traditional can be combined with the latest. Instead of tossing away old games such as poker and bingo, the casino and gaming industry has used technology to transform them into something new and innovative.

Logistic providers should take similar steps. The industry can digitize tested and proven methods of managing supplies and demands to become faster and more efficient. At the same time, excessive reliance on technology could prove fatal for the logistics industry.


The logistics industry will continue to embrace digitization to simplify things going forward. The online gambling industry in Poland will continue to innovate to offer more variety and customer satisfaction using the power of digitization in the next few years.