10 Best Places To Live After You Move in New York City

By  //  February 25, 2021

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Be a little more dreamy and close your eyes and think about New York City. A city that is bursting with rich culture and heritage and beaming with pride from its modern attractions—a town with a perfect mixture for all discoveries and explorations.

A city of nature, parks and green spaces, with festive seasonal events to local shopping, dining, and drinking, has everything just like movies.

Why would anyone not want to move in here? The town is beautiful and has immense opportunities. The only setback may be the small apartments that you initially get.

But that too has a solution now. All you can do is click on the search option on the internet and type “self-storage near me”, and you will get to know the best storage facilities in your neighborhood in New York City.

Although New York is a beautiful place overall, some areas are the best to live in after you plan to move here or change your home location. The article would explain to you better if you were to shift from your current location.

List of Best Localities in NYC

Geographically, New York is not that big, but more people live here than any other city in the United States of America. There are billionaires in the city, and also more than sixty thousand people sleep on the streets.

You can pay a buck to get food, and you might also have to pay more than 4000 dollars per month to rent an apartment. Such is the place. You can not determine what the city can offer to you. Therefore, what you can do is invest time in research.

It will help you find the right place for you. The city is fresh every time you come here. Thus, living here can be overwhelming. But it is a thrilling experience. Whether your house is big or looking for self-storage near me listings, you can always explore a new part of the city.

The following list will assist you in reaching a decision.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 

Situated in the northwest of the city borough of Brooklyn, Prospect Heights is a neighborhood known for its cultural diversity and streets lined by trees. It is a perfect place to live with your family, from health safety and education to lower crime rates and ample facilities. The rent is somewhat high, but facilities are countless.

Murray Hill, Manhattan 

It is a locality on the east side of Manhattan in NYC. It was named after Robert Murray, the head of the family that settled here in the early 18th century. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was considered to be the “uptown” with the city. The area has enough facilities for its small population.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Surrounded by Sunset Park in the north, Belt Parkway on the west, Dyker Heights on the east, and the Fort Hamilton Army Base in the south, Bay Ridge is among the most preferred locations to reside in New York. There are many schools available here, and the crime rate is also favorably low. You can also find so many self-storage near me facilities and units in Bay Ridge that allow you to store your belongings.

Harlem, Manhattan 

Many people still know Harlem as a place loaded with crime and fraud. But that was the old place. The area to a positive turn in the 90s with urban renewal and new opportunities occurred. It is known for various singers and actors, and the site is a great place to inhabit.

Country Club, Bronx

It is a small suburb with not many residents. The people living here range from being middle class to well affluent. The cost of living is affordable here. So, even if you have a small apartment, you can search “self-storage near me” on the internet and keep your belongings at a nearby place itself.

Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights is of the best areas of the town. You can find an excellent transport facility, good public schools, a diverse population, and the best self-storage units in New York City. What else does a family need?

Kips Bay, Manhattan 

Kips Bay is situated in the south of Murray Hill in Manhattan. The place is much affordable even after several developments. There are a lot of schools, health facility is also supreme, and the transport is functional. It is one of the best deals one can get in ManhattanManhattan.

Kenmore, Buffalo

When a family moves to New York City, the first thing it looks for is the low cost of living with sufficient facilities. The significant benefit of living in Kenmore is that it has both the above qualities. Also, even if you find a smaller apartment, you can search for self-storage near me and get a list of all the companies that offer storage units in Kenmore in NYC.

Endwell, Broome County

It is a Hamlet located in the city of New York. Surrounded by Endicott and Johnson City, it is a suburb of Binghamton. It is home to one of the best parks, Highland Park. The quality of public schools here is the best and people prefer sending their children here.

Tribeca, Manhattan

Originally it was written as TriBeCa, an abbreviation for Triangle Below Canal Stree. The population is slightly less than 17000. The crime rate is significantly less, and it is considered the best place to raise a family in New York. It was a commercial hub but with the development of residential buildings increased later. Its central location offers access to all parts of Manhattan.

All the above-listed places are among the best area of New York. You can research and visit them if you are planning to move in here. Although it will take time, in the end, it will be utterly beneficial for you. The apartment’s size, locality, availability of facilities, schools, healthcare centers, etc., are crucial factors determining your decision. Also, the availability of self-storage near my companies is essential too.