Tips to Buy a Skateboard: A Guide for Beginners

By  //  February 24, 2021

Getting into the skateboard buying part can be quite intimidating when you’re new to this. Not knowing what specifications it should have, you can also get confused and even buy the wrong skateboard.

It is important to note that the skateboards for beginners are a bit different as they are easy in their use, size, grip, deck, etc., and all vary from the ones for professionals. SkateAdvisors will help you look for the specs that are necessary for buying a skateboard for beginners.

Choosing the Right Shop

It is important to buy a skateboard from a specific skate shop because only they can have that much of a large variety and the kind of skateboard you want. But beware of the local malls and toy stores as they keep the skateboards made from crude material which may get you in trouble.

The good-quality skateboards that you buy from some skateboard brands have 7-ply maple that will give you perfect and satisfying pop, lock, and drop. Buying the skateboards in person is always recommended over buying them online, as it will be helpful for the financial growth of a community.

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing a size that you want for your skateboard is necessary. In skateboarding, sizing is a fairly new phenomenon even though there wasn’t an option to purchase a micro or soft top 15 years ago. But with skateboarding’s success today, you have more choices and can get a perfect match.

The measurement is dependent on Age, Height & Shoe Size. Sizing up is recommended in doubt because children develop rapidly and there is not a big difference between each size. If we look at the smallest (micro) size, it is one inch or less than the biggest (full) board size.


The tape is pasted on the surface of the skateboard. This tape has sandpaper rough stuff on which the user’s feet have a complete grip to do the tricks. It comes in various colors but the black color tape has more grip and is extra durable with supreme quality stuff.


The main part on which the skateboarder put his feet to travel is Deck. The structure of the deck is such that it is made with many thin layers of wood which are combined with the highest quality glue. These are available in different varieties; including high and cheap quality. The

highest quality decks are made with 7 to 9 layers of ply. On the other hand, the cheapest quality decks are made with only 3 plies of wood with a cheap quality glue holding them together. High-quality decks allow the skateboarder to perform various stunts with the least chance of causing any damage.


Trucks are the metallic parts in the skateboard that hold the wheels together. They also help in grinding and turning of the skateboard. The majority of them are made of aluminum alloy, although it doesn’t necessary that every brand will use the same kind of metal and blends.

When getting a skateboard, it is super important to ensure that it has metal trucks, any board with plastic trucks is just a cleverly disguised piece of junk and not worth the money you spend on them as they are not reliable.


There are little rubbery bits within the trucks that are the secret to how a skateboard turns. These are small polyurethane cones that, when you are running, will shift from side to side and let you ride your cruiser skateboard.

They come in various shapes and durometers according to their hardness and softness. A harder bushing of the durometer would make the skateboard more balanced and less likely to turn, where you can turn faster as a softer bushing.


These are the nuts and bolts holding trucks on the deck and holding them together. You can get various sizes and they come with either the head of Philips or the Allen key. Both types work well, but typically the hardware of an Allen key would last longer.


The wheels are surely going to be something that you consider more than any other part when you buy your first board. Skateboard wheels are made of hard polyurethane, which helps them to withstand tiny vibrations and rollover tiny pebbles. Sometimes, wheels are made of solid plastic on inexpensive skateboards, which means they can snap or break if you strike a rock.