White Vein Kratom Review: Could it Be the Type For You?

By  //  February 12, 2021

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It’s important to note that there are a variety of different types kratom to choose from. Some of them with notable, and unique features different than the next, while others share similar qualities.

Not only are the strains an important thing to think about, but so is the color, which can have a big effect on how the plant will perform. One of the most popular of these colors is white vein.

White vein strains are quite potent and can help sharpen your mental focus or can be a great way to get a boost in the morning. There are several different white strains of kratom, and each one comes with some benefits and effects that you might not be able to easily find when using other colors and strains of kratom.

Let’s check out some of the main benefits of choosing white vein kratom strains, and then look at some of the more popular white vein strains to see which one could be the right choice for you.

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How does white vein kratom help you, and how do you know you are getting a quality product? You don’t need to be wasting your time and money buying an inferior product, so let’s focus on getting you acquainted not only with what white vein kratom is, but also how it can help you, how much of it you should take as a first timer, and some other background information on this particular color of kratom strains.

The Effects of White Vein Strains

You can expect to reap some of the following advantages when you choose to take White Vein kratom: 

Natural mood boost: White vein strains of kratom can come in handy for people who deal with anxiety or who might just need a bit of a mood enhancement throughout their day. You might find that a stressful day becomes a little easier to bear and deal with after taking a white vein strain.

Mental clarity and focus: If you would like to step away from the coffee pot and try something else to give yourself a mental kick start, then you might find that a white vein kratom strain could be the perfect choice. You might feel more clarity, and focus more intently on tasks as the day goes on. This could come in handy for a big test or a stressful day on the job where your attention needs to be devoted to the task at hand.

If you are beginning with a white strain, you might want to start off with a dose of about one gram, and wait to see how it affects you. If you don’t feel anything or only feel mild effects, you might consider waiting awhile and then upping the dose just a little to see how it affects you. Repeat this process until you find the dosage that you are comfortable with and that presents you the desired effects.

White Borneo Kratom

Out of all of the well-known strains of kratom, one stands out a little more than others: White Borneo kratom. This strain is well known and loved for providing stimulation, a boost of mental clarity, relief from pain, and can even help you feel relaxed and sedated at higher doses. Many white strains of kratom contain these properties, but White Borneo kratom seems to take things a step further, offering a wider spectrum of benefits, depending on the dose you take.

Here are some of the benefits most reported by people who often take White Borneo kratom. 

A boost of energy: People looking for the stimulating effects of kratom will not be left behind if they choose to try White Borneo. At lower doses, White Borneo can be an excellent alternative to coffee, providing you with the same boost and stimulation without having to keep a piping hot coffee mug nearby.

Relaxation and sedation: While stimulating at lower doses, White Borneo can be quite relaxing and sedating at higher doses. If you are insomniac or generally have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, you could find some help from the White Borneo strain of kratom.

A natural mood lifter: White Borneo, like many other strains of kratom, is known for bringing about a sense of well-being, euphoria, and general happiness among the folks who regularly take it. This can make it a good option to consider for people who have to cope with depression or anxiety disorders.

Finding pain relief: Sharing properties with many Red variants of kratom, people with chronic pains may find a good sense of relief with White Borneo. It has been known to help soothe mild to more moderate pains, whether they’re chronic pains linked to arthritis or a case of inflammation.

A little bit of focus: Looking to achieve a bit of mental clarity so you can focus on a long and intensive task? White Borneo kratom is known to provide a mental sharpness that allows you to focus and be more productive for the task at hand, instead of feeling jittery and nervous like you might after several mugs of coffee.

If any of these benefits sound like they could do you some good, then choosing the White Borneo strain of kratom could be a great decision on your part. From pain relief to finding focus and even helping you find some well-deserved rest, White Borneo is one strain of kratom that should not be discounted when you are doing your research into different strains.

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White Thai Kratom

Even though this variety is originally from Thailand, it is now cultivated in other parts of Southeastern Asia, where it has become even more powerful thanks to the unique blend of alkaloids present in White Thai kratom. Many times, you will find that it is grown in areas like Indonesia or Malaysia, which can help you determine whether or not you are getting high quality kratom.

White Thai is a high quality kratom product that induces feelings of euphoria and can be used for recreational or medicinal purposes, providing relaxation after a long day or aiding in the relief of symptoms experienced due to certain conditions.

Though it is popular, White Thai is rare and must be cultivated with the utmost care to produce good quality kratom leaves. Farmers face various difficulties getting and planting seeds, as they are often transported from Thailand and sent to other areas to be grown until they mature.

All of this effort is worth it, though, as consumers of kratom enjoy the blissful effects of this strain. The high demand of this particular strain speaks for itself – White Thai kratom is a force to be reckoned with.

Effects of White Thai Kratom

This strain is popular for numerous reasons, though much of its popularity stems from just how potent it is. White Thai produces a feeling of euphoria in users, gives enhanced clarity, boosts energy, and makes it easier to relax and have fun with the ones you love.


Even when taking a small dosage of White Thai, you will be able to experience a euphoria like no other. Of all strains of kratom, this strain has the most potent euphoric effect on users. Because of how powerful the experience is, it is not recommended that beginners use this strain if they do not have experience with other types of kratom powder.

Enhanced focus

No matter what you do throughout the day, it always helps to be able to maintain focus and clarity while completing tasks. This variation of white kratom enhances focus without making you feel wired like coffee would. You will feel more focused and concentrating on what needs to be done will be an easy task.

Energy boosting

When you don’t have the energy to get through your day, you could gain relief by using White Thai kratom. The strain taps into extra stores of energy in the body, making you feel awake and energized. You’ll also see enhanced endurance, both physically and mentally, making it easier to conquer the day.

Relaxing fun

Have you felt like you’ve had a hard time relaxing lately? White Thai kratom can help you unwind and enjoy the present moment, having fun with friends and family. It can be taken at the beginning of your day to help you start the day off on the right foot or it can be taken at night, allowing you to participate in the hobbies and activities you love.

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White Sumatra Kratom

One of the things that immediately sets White Sumatra apart from other strains, even white strains, is where it is grown – west of Java, an island in Indonesia. The environment produces flora and soil that is different from any other area in Southeast Asia, leading to the growth of Mitragyna speciosa – the tree that kratom leaves come from – leaves that are distinct and powerful.

The leaves of White Sumatra have long been used by people, including locals in ancient Southeast Asia. They were chewed, which produced an extended stimulating effect for users. Nowadays, though, these effects are experienced more promptly because kratom leaves are processed and made into powders that can be ingested quickly.

Stimulation & Energy

One of the most prominently known effects of White Sumatra is its ability to provide stimulation, boosting mood and making you more efficient. You get this boost in small doses, which makes it a good kratom strain to add to your morning routine or to take when you’re about to perform intense labor either mentally or physically.

Pain Relief

Dealing with chronic pain? You can stick to taking pain medications and other drugs, but there can also be relief when you begin taking White Sumatra kratom.

This strain has powerful properties that give it the ability to alleviate or lessen pain that you are experiencing. If you need to get through the day or work, then you can turn to this strain to help you along the way.

Mood Enhancement

If you have dealt with anxiety or find yourself feeling stressed on a regular basis, sometimes a boost can help exponentially. Individuals who deal with anxiety or who have symptoms of chronic stress will note an improved mood after taking this strain as well as reduced tension and stress.

Choose the Right Vendor and Make Your Purchase!

Whichever option you end up choosing, make sure you have done your homework on the kratom vendor you are purchasing through, because you don’t want to spend money on a product only to find out it is not from a reputable kratom supplier, which could result in you getting something that is inferior or not as strong as what you could find at trusted sources.

Once you’ve found the best white vein strain for you and a trustworthy and reputable vendor to purchase from, you are ready to make the transaction and begin reaping some of the benefits of kratom for yourself. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of kratom that countless other users have been enjoying over the last few years.