5 Case Studies of Great Web Designs That Skyrocketed Revenue

By  //  March 22, 2021

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Everyone appreciates good web design work. A sleek and aesthetically pleasing website is nothing short of an art piece. However, clients and companies want more from web developers.

They want their websites not only to be visually appealing but also to generate good revenue for the company. But is this possible? The simple answer is yes, it’s possible.

Certain elements make a web design perfect, both in terms of visual appeal as well as skyrocketing company revenue. Here are 5 case studies of great web designs that did just that.

#1 Dylan’s Candy Bar – A treat for your eyes

No other type of food is as eye-catching as candies. If you’re out there selling candies, you need to appeal to the customer’s visual senses first, and that’s exactly what the Dylan’s Candy Bar website is all about.

Built using the Shopify e-commerce platform, this website can make you crave some candy every time you visit it. The old Dylan’s Candy Bar website lacked visual appeal. It had a very simple design and didn’t offer its visitors any sort of excitement. However, with the new and improved design, the shop caters to the visitors’ eyes, as well as their taste buds.

The store has all its popular items displayed upfront, and customers can make purchases quite easily. You also have to give credit to the store’s web-marketing strategies.

And the result of all these elements coming together to form the perfect website is staggering! Dylan’s Candy Bar saw an increase in its conversion rates, an impressive ROI, and a lower customer acquisition cost, all thanks to its beautiful website.

#2 Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars – The importance of simplicity

The website for Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars takes on a very simple yet informative look. Compared to the previous website they had, the new one takes all the necessary information related to the products and presents them to the visitor in a more structured, and simplified manner. This makes it a lot easier for potential customers to understand what they’re buying, and how it’s going to affect them and their health.

The simplified website helped improve their reach, which in turn contributed to an increase in sales.

#3 AspireStyle – Helping your find the right look for every occasion

When you first visit the AspireStyle website, you’ll get a very welcoming vibe from it. It’s as if the webpage was telling you, “I have something here for you too.” And as you scroll down through its well-organized sections, you’ll feel the same as well.

From casual to party wear, AspireStyle provides for every occasion. The website design is nothing out of the ordinary but has been done meticulously well. You can tell that the web designers were careful not to get carried away with the various creative possibilities. Instead, they opted for a simple yet captivating design.

Everything’s right where you want them to be. The color palette used for the homepage design goes well with the items on display there. Navigating through the website is also very easy. Visitors will feel like they’re entering an actual clothing store.

AspireStyle’s well-optimized website makes for a stunning appeal, both in terms of visual design, as well as functionality. Thanks to all this, the company has seen quite an increase in visitors, as well as sales.

#4 Ocean Remedies – Helping you know more

Ocean Remedies wanted to use this website to educate their potential customers on the health benefits of their fish oil products. Yet, the previous website they had for this looked more of a sale’s pitch than an educational landing page. This wasn’t going to work, because you simply can’t expect people to buy health-related products just because you’re offering a discount or something.

However, the new website they have right now eliminates this problem. It has a fresh and simple look, easy to navigate, and quite eye-catching as well. The ocean blue color palette goes well with their corporate colors. Most importantly, the website provides beneficial information to their consumers, which has helped them gain their customers’ attention, as well as improve their sales.

#5 Blue Foundry Bank – Appealing to a younger demography

With a name change came a new website. The Blue Foundry Bank website went for a bold look, one that you won’t see on most banking websites. It has a striking color palette and a UI that is bound to appeal to the younger population.

Many would say that the bank made a mistake ditching its simplistic look for a bolder one. However, ever since its makeover, the bank has seen an increase in account openings and received more calls from smaller businesses, which is the complete opposite of making a mistake. It has managed to do just what it wanted – grab the attention of potential clients.