How Does a Percussive Massage Gun Work?

By  //  March 29, 2021

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There is this cool new device on the market for pain relief called the massage gun. Since they have recently seen a boom in popularity, chances are, you may have heard of them before, or you may even know someone who owns one already and loves it.

If you’ve ever seen one in action, it can be an interesting experience the first time around. If you have no clue what we’re talking about, you probably have quite a few questions surrounding what a percussive massage gun even is, much less how it actually works.

So we’re here to answer your biggest questions about how these new techy devices work.

The Mechanics

Before we get into how it benefits your muscles and overall muscle recovery, let’s see how it technically works first.


A percussion massage gun looks similar to one of those handheld vibrating massagers if you’ve ever seen one. They consist of a rubber mallet attached to a plastic or metal handle that is designed to counterbalance the force generated by that mallet.

They usually come in either a rechargeable version or a battery-operated one, so that you don’t have to plug them in while using them.

They also will have a few different setting options depending on what frequency and intensity you desire, so you can play around with those until you find the one you like best. Some high-quality massage guns will come with a small display screen to allow you to adjust these settings, and some even come with compatible phone apps, allowing you even more freedom and options.

The Movement

So how does the thing move?

It does this by the repeated oscillation of that rubber mallet we were talking about earlier, which pumps deep into your sore muscles with varying intensity. This takes the vibrational therapy of the traditional massager and amplifies it, creating more stimulation in your muscles.

Luckily, that handle is designed to counterbalance this intense movement, so it doesn’t go flying out of your hands when you turn it on.

All you have to do is select the level of intensity and frequency you’re looking for, hold the rubber end against the muscle you need relaxation in, and turn it on for targeted treatment. The massage gun is easy to use and doesn’t take a whole bunch of muscle power to operate.

The Benefits

So now we know how it works, but let’s talk more about how it works for you.

Quick Recovery

The repeated vacillation of the rubber mallet deep into your muscle tissue provides relief for your repairing muscles. When you work out, your muscle tissue actually tears, which is why it’s important to take time between exercises to let your body rest.

Since the massage gun assists in relief, it also creates a shorter recovery time, making it hugely popular among professional athletes and those who participate in intense workout programs.

General Pain Relief

Aside from that quick restoration, a massage gun can be effective in relieving the regular daily pain that many of us suffer from. If you’re on your feet all day working in a warehouse setting, in retail, or in food service, you know firsthand how tired your feet, legs, and arms can get from repeated overuse.

Even those of us working in an office setting are prone to muscle soreness from sitting in uncomfortable positions and not being able to move our bodies much during the day.

Percussive Massage Guns Work

If you’ve been wondering how massage guns work and if they even do, we hope to have cleared the mystery up for you. Since everyone can benefit from the use of one, try one out and see for yourself how it can work wonders for your body.