Moon Lamp

By  //  March 11, 2021

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Are you fond of outer space and can’t take a close look at it? Well, who doesn’t love outer space? We bring you a moon lamp that can provide you the atmosphere of outer space at home.

Thus, you have a chance to experience its beauty in your room. The carefully designed lamp adds a spark to your room, whether it’s sitting idle or shining bright.

Careful Designing 

The beauty of space lies in its little and minute detailing. Hence, our observant designers emphasized and picked each of the small yet crucial details by strictly observing and examining the original satellite images’ appearance.

Our innovative and exuberant 3D technology complements the well-crafted moon lamp. The exterior detailing is spectacularly designed, but the interior is also carefully crafted for the best performance.

The awe-inspiring Moon Lamp will light up your room to the full brightness along with adding to the beauty of the room. The texture and quality of these lamps are yet another most essential aspect to consider. When our customers are interested in procuring a moon lamp, they wish to visualize the real moon.

Hence we need to formulate and look for the highest and most transparent texture that perfectly matches the entire moon’s feel. Some 3D lamps are manufactured with an erroneous surface design that is not even closer to resemble the moon or can’t adequately emit the desired light. We aim for an appropriately centered lamp on NASA’s moon photos and have the moon’s surface’s original look and texture.

Quality and Reliability 

The 400mAH battery made with lithium-ion provides 8 hours of endurance time. Furthermore, the robust and well-built moon lamp will light your room for years. The lightweight and portable lamp can be easily carried anywhere. The selected bulb serves to conserve power. We ensure that the lamp gives various light shades for the respective effects according to its specified features.

 Variable Brightness and light intensity

It would be best if you opt for a moon lamp that can be appropriately altered for dullness and luminosity so that there is not too much or too little light. We optimize your orders according to your requirements.

The light emitted by the moon lamp delivers the appropriate amount of intensity to fill the whole room effectively. Clearly understanding How to Use a Moon Lamp will help you enjoy it from anywhere in the room, and you do not need any secondary lighting sources for your needs, e.g., for reading or when doing your routine of bedtime skincare.

Overall, the moon lamp functions to provide sufficient light and contribute to your décor’s elegance and sophistication.

Integrated safety charging port

One of the prominent and crucial variables to investigate in the moon lamp is the integrated protection battery. Encapsulating the feature of being rechargeable, you don’t have to dismantle and open the light and replace the old, non-functional battery with a new one over and over again. The built-in battery in these moon lamps is to be recharged, and it can function for hours until it’s fully charged also.

The location of the charging port

Our moon lamp’s charging port is located beneath the leading light base; using this; you can quickly charge your moon lamps. If you want to optimize your enjoyment of the full moon with a smooth layout, then consider our moon lamps that house a minute charging port.

We are highly focused on replicating the moon, and our moon lamps are shaped after a tedious molding process; there are no stitching traces, and the port looks very small but is available.

A Complete Variety

We offer you a complete range of moon lamps so you can opt for the one that best suits your requirements. You can buy a light as small as 10cm or 4 inches or as big as 20cm or 8 inches. The intermediate sizes of the lamp are 12cm, 15cm, and 18cm.

The lamp has several brightness adjustment levels to offer a comfortable environment. Set the lamp’s light as per your mood as you can calibrate it from warm yellow to neutral white.