A Homeowner’s Guide To Natural Mosquito Control 

By  //  April 12, 2021

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Picture this: It is a beautiful summer’s night and you and your family are outside, sitting in the yard while trying to watch the stars. It is all so peaceful. But as you try to enjoy this special moment, you hear something’s buzzing, and the next thing you know, you are scratching something itchy on your leg. A mosquito already bites you.

As small as these creatures are, the havoc that they can cause in a home and to the family can be pretty serious. You do not want to ruin a perfect summer or any day for that matter, just because of these insects that you could have eliminated before it caused an infestation.

Mosquito control and prevention are basic things that homeowners should know about and get prepared for. With all these mosquitoes flying around your home freely, your family’s health is on the line. You should know what to do about them, and this is what we are here for. Keep reading as we break down the risks of mosquito infestations and what you can do to prevent and eliminate them.

The Risks of Mosquitoes and its Bites 

Although at times, mosquito bites are not harmful at all, you cannot erase the fact that these blood-sucking insects have caused a massive outbreak in several parts of the world. It means that once neglected, and you are putting yourself at risks of several serious mosquito-borne diseases.

A few examples of these diseases are dengue, malaria, yellow fever, etc. What is worse about this is the fact that they can spread these diseases so fast an entire community, even a country, can be affected if not controlled as soon as possible.

As soon as one mosquito bites a person that carries any of these diseases, it can immediately pass it on to their next victim. You can read information about how these mosquito-borne diseases caused massive deaths and sickness in some countries prone to infestation.

A slightly less severe but should be equally treated risk caused by mosquitoes are allergic reactions. There are some people that are allergic to bites from any insects that caused skin irritation. Not only humans, actually. Animals are also affected by mosquito bites as they can also transfer sickness from one animal to another.

These are the reasons why mosquito infestations should be taken seriously. If you think your property can become a mosquito breeding grounds and habitat, start taking necessary measures.

Mosquito Infestation: Signs to look out for

Telling whether your home has mosquito infestation can be pretty straightforward, which means initiating mosquito control should not take long. You do not want to wait for these pests to multiply before you take a step. Here are some telltale signs that mean you have mosquito problems:

Mosquito bites

It is as apparent as it can be. If you start to get insect bites out of nowhere, whether you are inside or outside the house, it means mosquitoes are beginning to lay their grounds. Mosquito bites are painful that you can actually feel something when they finally suck your blood. You are lucky if you get to hit it just in time, but if not, it may leave red, white, puffy bumps.

You hear buzzing sounds.

Another easy to distinguish sign is when you hear their high-pitched buzzing sounds that are not used to be there. You can quickly tell they are there because the sounds that they are making are annoying.

Seeing mosquitoes even during the daytime

Usually, mosquitoes only come out during the night. But when you see them swarming your home even in the middle of the day, you know there is already an infestation problem.

There is standing water around the house.

Checking your home regularly, every corner and every crawl space can tell you if mosquitoes start to breed. Go around your home, both indoor and outdoor, and check for standing water inside your old tires or flower pots. If you see tiny squiggles swimming in the water, those are newly laid larvae.

Humid and shaded areas are prone to mosquito infestation.

When the weather starts to get warm, it is your go-signal to start inspecting your home for infestation even though you have not experienced the signs mentioned above. It is just a matter of time before they reach their peak of activeness.

How to prevent mosquito infestation? 

Now that you know how to tell if mosquitoes are now living in your home with you, here are the measures you should take to eradicate them or prevent infestation altogether.

Get your home inspected regularly.

An annual inspection for standing water in your yard, inside your home, and especially in spaces that you usually cannot reach can help eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds. Check for broken pipes or drainage if there is any leaking. The growth of mold can also be a source of infestation. Inspection can help determine your property’s problems, or it can confirm that your home is in tip-top shape.

Get rid of standing water.

The next thing you should do, of course, removes all standing waters. Check your plant boxes, flower pots, or the tires that have been sitting in your yard for months now. The cabinet below your sink may contain stagnant water too.

Your yard should always be clean.

Maintain the cleanliness of your entire yard. If you can have it landscaped, then it is advisable that you should. Remove dead trees and plants as they can cause infestations as well. Mow your lawn and never let the grass get so high.

Plant mosquito repellent plants.

If you do not know yet, there are several plants that can naturally repel mosquitoes. You can plant them around your home as another line of defence against those insects. Examples of these plants are lavender, marigold, lemongrass, catnip, and citronella.

Treat your yard with natural mosquito repellent.

We are saving the best for last. The quickest and instant way to eliminate all these mosquitoes at once is by treating your yard with mosquito repellent chemicals applied through misting or spraying. If you are scared of toxic chemicals that may harm your children or pets, there are now natural repellents made out of organic ingredients — safe for humans, plants, and animals. It is one type of organic mosquito control that is now easily accessible through companies that sell them. All you need to do is find something that is proven reliable and safe for your family.


As a responsible homeowner, mosquito control should be one of the things on your list to accomplish, especially before the summer starts. Well, whatever time of the year, maintaining a clean and beautiful home can definitely do the trick in preventing any type of disease or infestation of some sort from touching your family.

This way, you get to enjoy your days and nights without worrying about insects and bites, creatures that you cannot even see but can cause you too much stress. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. So you would not want to wait for one of your children to get sick from a bite of a disease-carrying mosquito before you take action. Do something now that can save your family in the future.