Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

By  //  April 12, 2021

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – When most people think about law enforcement agencies, they think about Patrol Deputies, Corrections Deputies, and Police Officers.

But without question, one of the most important roles in any law enforcement agency is the role of the Telecommunicator that serves as the life-line for our citizens and our Deputies.

These amazing men and women are the calming voice that those in need hear when they call 911 and the conduit between our citizens and Deputies who are responding to the call for help.

They hear and feel every emotional call and with great caution direct our Deputies to dangerous scenes and incidents where they know that unfortunately, they will often be in harm’s way.

It’s a job that requires passion, courage, and selflessness as they work long hours, handle multiple calls at one time, and stand as the first line of defense for our citizens and Deputies.

I often cringe when I hear other law enforcement leaders refer to certain segments of their agency as “support members” as I know all too well that in our agency, we don’t have “support members” because each member within our agency is vital to our success.

If you take just one member or unit away from our agency, we are not the same and we are not as strong in our mission of protecting our community.

As we dedicate this week to all of our Public Safety Telecommunicators throughout Brevard County, we ask that you keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers as they serve our citizens, our Law Enforcement Officers, our Firefighters, our Animal Enforcement Officers, our Lifeguards, and our community.