Yuan Pay Group Gives Digital Yuan Investors the Perfect Crypto Platform

By  //  April 28, 2021

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As the Digital Yuan’s potential continues to expand, Yuan Pay Group is offering investors around the world the only licensed crypto-trading platform in order to distribute China’s national currency in real-time.

In recent months, dozens of articles and news pieces began swirling over the new and growing potential of China’s national currency on the digital market. Around the world, investors are eyeing the “Digital Yuan”, and speculation is bursting on financial scenes. Yuan Pay Group, the first and only cryptocurrency trading platform, is now allowing major funders to profit off of the developing Chinese economy at a rapid pace. 

According to leading global news outlets, China has reported its great interest and intentions to push forward with utilizing the Digital Yuan for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. At the events, athletes and visitors would be able to exchange their nation’s currency and pay for items completely virtually with the Digital Yuan. 

This announcement follows China’s pilot program last year which launched the digital currency in four cities, though the project was later enlarged to include ten cities or provinces, supplying over 100 million people. Over the years, the country’s middle class has increased to over 550 million people and the overall economic status of people in and outside the main city centers is rising day by day. This substantial market size allows China to considerably take advantage of new digital payment technologies as well as foreign economic investment in the coming years.  

At the beginning of the global introduction to cryptocurrency, many countries were against the new technology due to the circumvention of capital controls as well as the high volatility for investors. As crypto-platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have risen from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per coin (share), some of the most skeptical nations, including China which banned all cryptocurrency trading and exchange in 2017, have become the biggest supporters of digital currency. 

In making this transition, Yuan Pay Group was one of the companies working alongside major Chinese banks in order to improve the legal status of cryptocurrency and allow investors to benefit from significant economic gains in the country. Now, the Chinese government will be able to virtually track the spending of the Cyber Yuan and can positioned it towards international use.  

Founded in 2010, Yuan Pay Group is the only licensed company on the global market to distribute China’s national currency and allow for trading as well as exchange in real-time. The company allows all investors a secure gateway to easily and efficiently exchange the Chinese currency online in “less than 5 minutes” through its online trading platform. According to the company’s annual report and growth projections, they have already risen an astonishing 27% from last year and currently have hundreds of thousands of users actively trading on a daily basis. YPG also does not charge fees for trading and accepts all major financial institutions.

Investors should take notice of Yuan Pay Group, especially as regulators solidify the presence of the Digital Yuan. As reported by Bloomberg News, the growing Digital Yuan will be able to co-exist with major Chinese electronic payment methods, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. The Chinese government and central bank have aimed to provide alternative payment methods and for users across the country the option of going “cashless.” Financial experts expect the Digital Yuan and Yuan Pay Coin to multiple by three or four times in the near future. 

In addition to the Digital Yuan headlines, the European Central Bank and Bank of England have also announced that they will be exploring the challenges and possible benefits of launching digital currency in an official matter. Though, China’s quickness and wiliness to take financial risks, in addition to the upcoming Olympic experiment, place the country far ahead of other prominent national and international banks. 

As Digital Yuan begins to take off, with the direct backing of the Chinese government and banks, investors have a small window to benefit from the country’s national currency through companies such as Yuan Pay Group. YPG’s cryptocurrency trading platform allows investors and financial companies the perfect opportunity to take hold of strong forces in the growing Chinese economy. With a surging middle class and hundreds of millions to over a billion potential users, the opportunity will not come knocking again.