How to Live Here and Now: 6 Easy Tips

By  //  May 3, 2021

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Sometimes we run to some point and forget about our true goals, forget to live now. Only when we get thrilled with a jackpot at CasinoChan or try bungee jumping, we have such a feeling. Want to live now not thinking about your future and past? Follow these tips.

The desire to please everyone, the fear of disappointing loved ones or not meeting the expectations of others – here is the first obstacle to listen to yourself and understand what you want. It is simply dangerous to build your life with the glance of others: there is a great risk to remain at the bottom of the barrel and devote the rest of the time to the search for someone to blame.

For each day to be full, for you to live it in harmony with yourself, it is necessary to determine what is really important and significant for you. So, further action will not contradict your views and values, but on the contrary, will be more meaningful. Well this is the perfection to which we all strive.

Be Happy

Many people are sincerely convinced that happiness is something that comes from outside, it gives you work, career, personal life. Is it? The true source of happiness is yourself. It is a choice that each person makes on their own, and that choice has absolutely nothing to do with the weather outside the window or currency exchange rates. Being happier is a decision made in spite of, rather than thanks to.

A sure path to unhappiness is the belief that someone or something will make you happy in an instant. The moment those expectations are not met, there will be nothing but disappointment and pain.

Don’t Think About Flaws

Another step toward feeling much better about yourself is to try to focus on your own abilities and strengths. Focusing on shortcomings or constantly striving for perfection is an example of a pointless action that is exhausting but not constructive. Don’t waste time looking for what you don’t have, rather appreciate and use what you do have.

It’s impossible to be the best at everything, it’s more productive and enjoyable to focus on what inspires and captivates you. New hobbies are best seen as experiences and development, not just another race for first place. Remember that the underdogs often beat the favorites.

Live With an Open Heart

Eternal worries and concerns about the future consume the present and each day becomes a preparation for the next day. Time flies with incredible speed, erasing the shades of feelings and emotions, life becomes monotonous and empty.

But if you are open to each day, learning and exploring the world around you, you can see a whole new reality with bright colors, smells, and little details that just can’t be seen when you’re in a hurry all the time. Focus on what you feel, not what you think.

Forget About Past Mistakes

Remembering past events and blaming yourself for your mistakes is nothing more than transferring old problems into the present, feeding them with new energy. Chase away thoughts that the best times are behind you. You only have today to fill it with new adventures and accomplishments.

Enjoy Every Action

Meditation is the easiest way to learn to experience the here and now, but it’s not the only way. Whatever you’re doing, try to be passionate about the process, making sense of every movement, whether you’re doing creative or routine work.

If you are sitting, enjoy the feeling of inactivity and a state of peace. If you are running, feel your feet touching the ground, your muscles pushing you forward, your lungs filling with air, and the landscapes succeeding one another. All these pictures we’re trying to paint in your imagination today, are terribly luscious and may even make you feel uncomfortable, but what can you do?

Neither you nor we are heroes of romantic comedies, yet we are all trying to live our lives happily ever after. If at least one piece of advice from this article can help you be happier, we’ll already be satisfied.