The Future of Recycling. How to Improve Recycling Processes?

By  //  May 17, 2021

Recycling is a process that has been around for decades. It’s also one of the most important processes in our lives because it helps to reduce pollution and maintain cleanliness.

But recycling can be improved and made better, especially with new inventions like 3D printing! 

Mandatory trash segregation

This one is essential and should be implemented as soon as possible. There are few countries that already have this implemented, and it seems to be working. The idea is quite simple: people need to separate their trash into plastics, paper, metals and other materials.

A lot of countries are beginning to take care of recycling by implementing mandatory garbage segregation in the hope that it will help reduce pollution levels due to improper waste disposal. The best example is Germany, which is one of the first countries to introduce this method and there are already positive results. “Germans are recycling for so long that young ones visiting other countries where recycling isn’t mandatory, are terrified to see garbage mixed in with other trash.” said Patrick Mazurkiewicz, Founder of WirEntsorgen

There are also some countries that implement half-solution such as lower payments for waste disposal for those who recycle.

Education about proper segregation

We need a list with clear instructions on which materials we should separate into different bins so it will become easier for people to  understand the process and implement it into their everyday life. Many people don’t know that they shouldn’t throw oily covered cardboard in the paper bin or meat in the bio bin.

These education should start in early school years and be revised every year and all the time. In many countries it is implemented into the education system but it is more like red herring than a topic that is treated seriously. 

Companies should also educate employees and implement mandatory trash segregation on the premises even when in the country it isn’t. 

Clear instructions about recycling rules

Sometimes instructions aren’t clear enough, for example, saying that we should separate paper, plastic, glass,metal, bio waste and others isn’t enough since you can’t throw a dirty plastic dairy cup into a plastic bin even though it is still made of plastic. You should wash it first. There are also many items you can’t throw into the bio bin and these are for example, meat, bones, coffee, and dairy products.

Municipalities should also be more active in educating people about recycling rules and they can do so by offering them various programs, sending flyers, etc., which would make it easier for everyone to understand what is allowed where 

Education what can be done from recycled materials

People are more eager to do something when they are able to see results, so it is important to show people what they can do with recycled materials. You could for example, make a table or chair from various pieces of wood and metal that are normally thrown away.

Improve recycling processes

This process is still not as cost and energy efficient as we would like it to be and it surely needs improvements. One way is to encourage young inventors, masterminds or engineering to be interested in this topic. This should be an exciting thing to do for young people, because their future in this world depends on if they will manage waste problems or not.

Unity: People, Companies, Country, World

This chain has huge holes. There are places where people segregate their trash and after the cleaning company takes it, somewhere on its road, they are mixed together and the effort of those people is pointless. In other places the law has holes that are omitted by greedy cleaning companies and tight-fisted people who don’t want to pay more for trash cleaning. And there are countries that don’t consider waste and recycling as an important issue since they struggle with some internal problems such as war. We should all work hard to be united in this case, because either way we will be dead under the pile of waste sooner or later.

New solutions

Some materials are still unable to be recycled and we should be focused on finding a way to recycle them or find a new purpose instead of throwing them away in the landfills to rot for thousands of years. For example, we couldn’t recycle food leftovers, but now there is a machine called Green Gourmet, that can turn them into fuel pellets.


Recycling can be our solution for the lack of resources problem and waste problem but only if we do it in the right way. We should work together as a whole world to make recycling our everyday habit, and to educate everyone how we should do recycling and how we shouldn’t. It’s not only about the environment, but also our well-being as a human race in far future.