Virtual Reality Tours That Will Fascinate You

By  //  May 19, 2021

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Virtual reality tours offer a unique experience for having a breath-taking stroll on various locations and historical periods no matter where you are.

With 3d virtual reality real estate tour by VisEngine, you can have an immersive experience and look around the places from your computer at your own pace.

Among other things, you can have a virtual walkthrough in Rome to discover its street art, walk in the studio of the famous painter, or even travel back in time and explore the ancient Greek temple of Zeus.

We collected 9 virtual reality tours that would amaze you and give an immersive and almost tangible experience. Check them out! 

Walk through the Peacock Room

With this all-around walkthrough, you can get to know about the creation history of the Peacock Room. It is a well-known decorative interior created by James McNeill Whistler, a recognized American artist.

In this virtual tour you can follow the trip from Britain to America over the Atlantic ocean and discover how the space has evolved. The room moves from the private housings in London and Detroit until it reaches the final location – Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art on the National Mall. 

A Virtual Walkthrough in the Blue House

This mesmerizing tour allows you to go to Hong Kong and meander in its glorious Blue House. Take this tour and discover this unique place which illustrates how the grassroots community lived in the old city.

Discover the hallmarks of the Dulwich Picture Gallery

In this tour, the users can explore the Dulwich Picture Gallery and its main highlights. What makes this gallery special, is that it was the first public art museum built on this purpose in England. 

Learn about the Inariyama Sword

Interested in the Oriental culture? Then this virtual tour is something for you. The Inariyama Sword (or kinsakumei tekken – literally means gold-inscription iron sword) is a crucial element of the Japanese history and culture.

The sword was excavated from the Inariyama Kofun`s burial chamber which is the oldest giant burial place in the Saitama Kofun Cluster. Nowadays, the sword is considered the national treasure of Japan. Check out more details about its history and meaning with this tour!

Discover the Water Tank Project

If you are more into the city art and architecture, you should definitely take this virtual walking tour. It explores art above New York City so you can wander the NYC streets with this tour from any place on the planet. This walkthrough exhibits the street art which is wrapped around water tanks in NYC.

Take a virtual tour to discover the ancient world

In this amazing virtual walkthrough, you can immerse yourselves in the fascinating culture of the ancient world. Look closely at the Temples of Juno and Zeus as well as the early Christian Necropolis. They are situated in the so-called Valle Dei Templi in Sicily. Travel both in time and space with this walking tour!

Look at the ins and outs of Robben Island Prison

Robben Island – does it ring a bell? No? And Nelson Mandela? Yes! Perhaps, it would be interesting to know that Robben Island (South Africa) hosts a notoriously known prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years being sentenced.

Nelson Mandela stayed there with more than 3k political prisoners who fought for stopping the apartheid policy. Take this deeply engaging tour and walk the footsteps of those historical figures who drastically change the history of South Africa and the world.

Utopia: What’s after it?

Curious about what utopia looks like? Then this tour would be a perfect match for you! It is dedicated to the images of utopia represented in the contemporary Asian art of the Singapore Art Museum.

The Statue of Liberty: from plan to its realization

The Statue of Liberty is probably the symbol not only of New York but of the whole United States. This statue, known also as Liberty Enlightening the World, has been shedding light upon the bay of New York for over a century. And while lots of people know how it looks and what is exemplifies, little of us know the history of how this American symbol appeared. This virtual tour gives a unique chance to glimpse into the construction history of the Statue of Liberty and follow it from Paris to the ultimate destination in New York. Find out about the artistic details of this statue and the engineering principles applied for its creation.