What to Expect Before, During and After Undergoing a Lasik Procedure in Orange County

By  //  May 1, 2021

LASIK surgery is an alternative to wearing spectacles. It is possible to reshape the cornea to improve vision using a specialized cutting laser with this surgery. 

If you are thinking of getting LASIK surgery in Orange County, at first, you will have to sit for an eligibility test with your eye doctor. After a complete evaluation of your medical records and an extensive eye examination, if the doctor allows, you’ll be able to go through the surgery.

There are some measurements that need to be taken care of before the surgery, such as your refraction errors, the thickness of your cornea, eye pressure, pupil dilation, and corneal mapping. After taking care of them, you will be referred to a surgeon by your doctor, who will schedule the procedure for the operation. 

Don’t avoid coming for follow-up care once the procedure ends. Post-operative care after LASIK surgery in Orange County is as crucial as the procedures since this allows the doctor to better monitor your health to eliminate any unwanted complications and fast recovery of your eyes. 

Before the Operation

Before starting any procedures, your eye doctor will assess you to determine if the surgery is suitable for you. Here are some of the guidelines to prepare for the exam.   

Start wearing spectacles full-time instead of contact lenses before the assessment. These lenses can change the shape of the cornea and can stay up to several weeks even after you stop wearing them. For the surgery, your cornea needs to stay in its natural shape. With contact lenses the evaluation can be imprecise, leading to an ineffective surgery.  

Necessary steps will be taken to determine the portion of the corneal tissue that needs to be removed. These measurements will be taken at least a week after the first assessment and right before the surgery to make certain there have been no changes in the cornea, in case, you wear hard lenses. 

You must stop them before two weeks if you wear soft lenses. 

■ If you wear toric lenses, you should stop them for at least three weeks before the evaluation. 

■ In case you wear hard lenses, you will have to stop it four weeks before the assessment.

Factors you should discuss with your doctor: 

■ Your current and past medical conditions 

■ Any prescribed medications you are taking, or allergy caused by any medications. 

Once you have been assessed thoroughly, your doctor will discuss the following matters:

■ If you are in ideal condition to go through the surgery.

■ The pros and cons of this surgery and also if there is an alternative route to it. 

■ What to expect, and what are your responsibilities before, during, and after the surgery. 

Feel free to discuss your concerns with the doctor and make sure that you understand all the outcomes of this surgery. Read the informational literature thoroughly and ask your doctor for any concerns before signing the consent form. Do not undergo any surgery out of any intimidation. 

The day before the surgery, you should stop using any makeup, lotions, creams, and even perfume that may lead to infections after the surgery, and remember to rinse your eyes thoroughly before the surgery. 

During the Procedure

LASIK surgery only takes up to a few minutes per eye, but you will be kept for at least half an hour. So try to schedule the surgery when you will not be rushed and afford the time your doctor suggests you take. 

When the surgery is taking place, you will be lying down in a reclining chair and anesthetic eye drops will be applied to your eyes and the surrounding areas after a thorough cleaning. Once that is done, your eyes will be opened using a lid speculum for the doctor to get access to your eyes without any interruption.   

Your vision will get blurred during the surgery, when the doctor lifts and fold the flap, and also when the exposed tissue will be left to dry. The doctor will then bring the laser over your eyes and ask you to stare at the operating light. To be considered a fit candidate the doctor would have asked you to keep your eye fixed at a point for at least 60 seconds during the evaluation. 

LASIK is done by making a flap in the outermost layer of the cornea, also called the epithelium. This can be done using a cutting laser or a small, thin blade depending on the surgeon’s preference. After the flap has been created, the corneal tissue underneath will be reshaped using the laser, and the topography taken during your consultation 

The procedure will be painless, but you may feel tingling and the sound of the laser may agitate you. At last, the flap will be replaced and the procedure will be complete. After that, you will be given a shielded glass to wear over your eyes for you to stop touching them subconsciously as your flap heals.  

After the Surgery. 

Once the surgery is complete, you will be allowed to go home with your pre-assigned family member, friend, or driver. You might be asked by your doctor to take some over-the-counter pain relief afterward to deal with the expected soreness, but it is your call if you can manage without it. 

It is very common for your eyes to itch, burn, or feel like something is inside after laser surgery. You might even feel mild pain in the eyes or your vision might get blurry or hazy. Don’t get worried if you suddenly get light-sensitive. No matter how the situation gets, do not risk rubbing your eyes, these symptoms should fade in a few days.  

You must get plenty of rest for your eyes to heal. It is wise and also recommended by most surgeons to have a good sleep once you reach home to avoid the initial discomfort and to let your eyes heal without any interruption. Don’t forget to keep your shields on in case you touch or poke your eyes when in sleep. 

If you are working in Orange County, please take a leave from work for a few days to avoid putting pressure on your eyes, particularly if your work requires you to spend significant time staring at a computer screen. Visit your doctor for postoperative examinations to monitor your healing and if any complication arises. 

If you are considering LASIK surgery and have further inquiries about the procedure, there are several clinics in Orange County to look after your needs and let your mind put at ease.