26 Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fresh

By  //  June 29, 2021

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It’s hard to imagine a modern man without social networks. For some of us, they are a way to find like-minded people around the world, while others use them for professional purposes.

Social networks help significantly expand your target audience (TA) and are an excellent platform for creating your own brand. In addition, they are one of the most powerful tools for attracting traffic for your info-business (monetization of information).

So today we’re going to tell you about 20 ideas for catchy posts that will help you attract subscribers to your social media account and build a truly unique and easily recognizable brand.

If you see social networks as a platform for the active distribution of information about your business and building credibility, you need to thoroughly work through the types of publications. We’re talking about the most interesting ones for your TA.

Social networks are the greatest opportunity for the flight of fantasy. So we dare you to implement ideas from this article in your own way. Let’s check them out!

Educate Them 

Not everyone understands how to use your product or the correct course of action when using it. Teach your customers how to do it right. Publish guides, how-tos, training videos, or checklists.

Create a story on the theme of your community, where your subscribers will have to mark certain items, choose an option, etc. Such checklists or questionnaires need to be reposted to your Story and manually ticked. The mechanics are sort of complicated but can bring high coverage and a new audience, especially if you encourage your subscribers with a small reward.

Disprove Fakes and Bust Myths

If your products or services are popular, trust us, there will always be those who want to take advantage of it for illicit gain. 

It’s always worth fighting those who want to steal someone else’s stuff. Such posts will not only allow you to stop attempts to illegally use your property but will also become an effective advertisement. After all, if they steal, it means that your product is valuable, effective, and in demand.

In addition, you should also ask your subscribers to repost your publications – after all, as many users as possible should learn about cheaters. And, of course, don’t forget to “get the job done” in the legal field, not just on your FB or Instagram pages.

In addition, a series of posts about stereotypes that exist in your niche will help you reach your customers more effectively. At the same time, you will answer a lot of questions, maybe even the ones they don’t dare ask themselves. Discuss objections and tell your customers how things really are.

Throw Subscription Contests

A standard mechanic for attracting an audience to your account. If this is your first time on Instagram, it’s a must-have. Send such a contest to your TA in advertising and get your first subscribers. You can then work with them to improve your sales.

That said, the reward in the contest should be related to the business you’re promoting. For example, there’s no need to give jewelry, if you sell cosmetics – let the cosmetics kit be the gift. This is how you will first attract your  TA, and secondly, simplify the task – own goods are more convenient and profitable to give.

The mechanics here can include the need to write a comment, tag your friends, or repost in Stories.

Run Surveys

Surveys are a simple mechanic for increasing the number of comments. You choose a scandalous, controversial, or just a hype topic that’s somehow related to your product or services, and offer several answers.

In doing so, it’s important to work with your subscribers. If you don’t respond to their comments, they’ll feel like the account is being formally managed. Which means it will be harder to create a relaxed atmosphere and gain credibility.

Post FAQs

The FAQs section on your site is where you can answer frequently asked questions, shutting down objections and audience pains. Talk about how they can order, pay for, get a refund and return purchased items in case they don’t fit. You can also let your subscribers know about your warranties, production times, and if you have a product builder.

Use Infographics

When using infographics, show your TA how your company stands out among others, what you’re proud of, and explain why this information is important to your customers. If you have several stores, mention that your TA doesn’t have to travel far to visit them or emphasize the uniqueness of your products if you handcraft them.

Embrace Current Topics

Don’t remain outside events that are shocking to the community. This will help you always stay on trend and get a lot of activity. Don’t just rewrite the news – suggest a solution to the problem. Say, instead of discussing the advisability of quarantine measures once again, you can think about how you can offer your service in the most effective and safe way possible.

Post Authentic Content

Speaking of masks, stickers, and content in general – brands will have to strike a balance between enhancements, “authenticity,” and the quality of content being posted.

Two factors go along with this prediction:

■ First, recent research, in fact, shows that influencers and brands get more engagement by posting raw, authentic content. The more authentic it looks, the more users express their approval;

■ Second, Instagram has already faced accusations of rising levels of depression among young people because of trendy retouched and unnatural photos, which led to the banning of facial enhancement filters and masks that mimic plastic surgery.

Now the social network itself is pushing the trend toward real content without processing.

Also, remember that behind-the-scenes videos are always interesting. Show how your team actually works, designs products, packs, and delivers them. That way, you’ll immediately remove some of the objections and boost audience loyalty.

People buy from people, so it’s important for your TA to know who’s behind the abstract brand name. Connect with your audience by choosing point of view when creating content. Show your team, tell them what experience and expertise they have, and how they solve your audience’s problems. That way, it’s not just the name that speaks about your brand – your customers will have a pleasant association with your team, which can increase loyalty.

You can hire a professional designer or use a free online graphic design software to create your content. Whatever your choice, make sure it’s authentic and high in quality.

Here’s a metal textures freebie you can start creating graphics with!

Start an Owner’s Blog

One approach in the social media business is to communicate on behalf of the head of the company. In this case, the account will be primarily associated with the first person of the company, and your posts will become more trustworthy.

In order to make your blog memorable add your custom logo to it, it will help to build trust and give your blog a face many online logo generator tools are available online you can pick one according to your budget.

Even in the case of maintaining a social media account on behalf of the brand, you can periodically make posts with messages from the owner. For example, he/she can talk about the company, its values, and challenges that you have to overcome.

Show Novelties

Whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer, there’s always something new to show your customers. Yes, you have your products on the site, but people may not notice some of them among many other items (even in a special section). Plus, not all potential customers regularly visit your online store. Thus, through your posts on, say, Facebook, you can remind yourself and show some care to your customers.

Of course, we don’t have to remind you about taking care of high-quality visual content. But just to make sure, don’t forget about the lighting, stylish background, and everything in between.

Involve Influencers

If there are authorities in your field that are interested in your audience, you can create shared content or invite them to work with your audience in a webinar. This way you can help your subscribers learn something new from a respectable person and entertain themselves.

Of course, your product has to interest an influencer that has gained popularity in the community. However, you can always start small, especially if your business is local. Give a micro-influencer or celebrity the “helm” (your social presence) of your social media page for 24 hours and take your brand to the next level! This will change the voice of your account and add some flavor to it. 

It can also be your business partner that you consider a great candidate for a takeover. Just remember that your audience’s demographic should be relevant to your candidate’s audience demographic. 

Engage Social Media Shopping

The approach to online shopping is changing, with people wanting to buy immediately on the spot, without going to other sites. This affects both the distribution of new “shopping tags” and the overall approach to social media content

Now, when a user gets to your brand’s page, they should be able to understand what you’re selling in a few seconds, get a quick response, and make a purchase without leaving the app.

Brands like ASOS, Clothing the Gap, Fy, and Levi’s have already started selling their products through Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

The conversion funnel will be simplified as much as possible, and social media will become the “shop on the couch” of the new era.

Make Reposts

Don’t forget to share your TA’s generated content. This idea will be especially relevant for clothing and accessory brands, whose subscribers often share photos of new items. Repost a photo of your subscriber wearing your product and write a few words of appreciation, or simply add a GIF animation.

Entertain Them

It’s desirable that these were not just abstract events, but something related to your product, company, employees, or at least the city. Something close to your TA, showing that behind your profile, there are also living people doing their best to meet the needs of their customers.

Create Short Videos

The fact that videos are the most popular format on social networks doesn’t need to be proven anymore. In addition, the main way of consuming information has accelerated, so short videos in different formats have come to the rescue. 

Starting with the advent of Stories, they have evolved into the new TikTok and Reels formats. These are already showing their popularity, as evidenced both by the dynamic growth of content and the advertising activities of major brands in TikTok and Reels (MAC Cosmetics, NBA, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and others).

Easy to create and easy to watch – it’s a trend that has only intensified with the global crisis, social distancing rules, and the switch to working from home, leading to more people creating and consuming content on smartphones.

For brands, this trend should be a major one in the next 12 months. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date, it’s important to leverage new features and think about the demand for “fast” content.

Publish User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the most unique and can largely benefit your business. It has a powerful selling point, users trust it and respond well to it. You can get it from a variety of sources – photos from customer reviews and feedback, images they share on social media, etc.

Set up contests to get as much response from users as possible, engage them in communication with the brand, and strengthen your credibility. 

Launch UGC contests if your audience is already active. This is how you can collect more feedback (if you have little or no at all), or use more complicated engagement mechanics that involve making photos, drawings, and generating ideas, etc. – use your imagination!

Post Parodies

Where else to make jokes than on social networks? Why not make a good parody video? This is how you can attract attention to your business and make your target audience laugh out loud.

Before/After Content

This is a classic technique to demonstrate how useful and quality your services/products are. Say, this is how you can show the transformation of a person after a makeover or compare two photos of the same apartment before and after repairs.

Live Streaming

Thanks to the pandemic, live streaming has become even more popular and appealing to users. One of five videos on FB is now streamed live, and more than one million Instagram users watch live videos every day. Other social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn have also embraced this trend.

One of the main reasons why live streaming has become so popular for brands and users alike is the high level of interaction and engagement it generates.

Live streaming has the highest level of engagement of any content type, allowing audiences to interact with brands and companies on social media in real-time. Users have gained a sense of being able to influence and participate in the action, rather than watch passively. This aligns with the demand for instant gratification and the desire to create content with the brand.

Along with a live streaming, to keep your brand’s feed fresh the company can use live chat feature too and entertain their clients in the best way possible!


In such publications, you collect several top products or services that you consider the best for certain specs/features. For example, these can be top products by orders or the most durable boots, compact couches, etc.

Comparisons and Battles

Contrast products by asking your subscribers to choose the one they like best and let them explain why. In such posts, we can tell at once about the distinctive features of several goods and, at the same time, help the undecided to choose. For example, you can compare sneakers and high boots, and explain when it’s best to wear each pair and why.


Create a video with fast-changing captions, and let your subscribers stop it or take a screenshot at a random time to get a prediction. You can jokingly predict how a person’s day will go or what kind of person they are. 

It’s important to adapt the idea to your business to make it work. For example, if you’re a furniture company, make a prediction about what interior changes await your subscribers in the upcoming year.


With a “Slider” sticker in Instagram Stories, you can run a variety of choice games. For example, offer to choose the best day for a certain event, summarize game results from the previous section (the number of things guessed), choose the best dress, etc.

Find Hidden Products

Make videos or photos based on a simple interactive mechanic when your subscribers have to search for hidden items. First, hide your chosen products or themed items somewhere in the room and invite your subscribers to count them and write their numbers in the comments. Alternatively, you can use the “Questions” sticker. 

Guess Movie by Frame

Take one frame from any movie, cartoon, TV show, etc., and offer to guess what the original piece is called. Don’t forget to add a “Questions” or “Quiz” sticker to collect audience responses and connect the piece with your brand.

Alternatively, you can also use emojis. Post a series of emoticons, describing a movie, picture, book, or music, and invite your subscribers to guess what it is.

True or False

Сreate a Story with facts about a certain topic and add a few “fake” ones. Then invite your audience to guess if they’re true or false. These can be facts about your company, products/services, or a related topic.

Little Known Holidays

Naturally, you will congratulate your subscribers on commonly known holidays. However, there are also those that are known in narrow circles. Congratulate your subscribers on such days and let them discover interesting facts.

Lastly, you can throw a yes-or-no quiz where your subscribers will answer if they happened to be in a certain situation or not. It can be all kinds of things: starting with finding money on the street, ending with forgetting your ID before the flight, or losing your phone, etc. Such quizzes can also be linked to your company or product/service.

Post Remixed Content

Another new trend that will evolve in new formats of content creation is “remixing.” This approach allows and encourages taking existing formats, templates, or ideas and redesigning them to express the user’s personality and ideas. It has emerged thanks to the same TikTok and Instagram Reels. The trend is gaining momentum.

We can say now that masks and stickers on Instagram are suitable here, among other things. In the future, there will be even more opportunities for co-production, as brands will provide templates for users to create their content. This will allow for more organic connections between companies and consumers.

The marketing industry can expect 2021 to bring even more remix opportunities as brands engage with new audiences and create additional content that will allow them to stand out.


The key to success is understanding your goals and objectives.

If you want your social media subscribers to look forward to new posts, instead of just scrolling through your feed, you need to define a strategy:

■ Set a goal: attract traffic to your site, create a strong community, start a discussion, gain comments, etc.;

■ Determine your budget: how much of your marketing budget can you allocate towards social media?

■ Ask and engage: if you want feedback, just tell your subscribers about it;

■ Use varied but always high-quality content: beautiful photos, videos, and other visual content is always the first thing that grabs attention, followed by text;

■ Be short but convincing: social media feeds are scrolled through fast, so you need to catch the attention of your audience in a couple of seconds – be straightforward;

■ Don’t promote at every step: hidden ads can be in any post, but you shouldn’t do it aggressively.

Add a call to action on each channel to give your customers a quick way to schedule a sales call with your team. (Don’t forget to follow up your leads with SMS

So that nothing is forgotten or lost, check out the most important things in the list below:

■ All your content should be subject to a content strategy based on target audience analysis. You don’t want to post everything at once;

■ In your strategy, use different types of content to attract the attention of a “cold” audience, tell them about your brand, generate demand for products or services, and only then promote;

■ Build a loyal core of your audience, so your posts will gain more reactions and reach, and you’ll generate more sales;

■ Communicate with your subscribers to create a relaxed atmosphere within your account, respond to objections, increase engagement, and build credibility.

Remember that a good social media post involves two main conditions: honesty and relevance. It’s essential to understand the needs of your TA and show the values, around which your brand philosophy is built.