Best Keto Diet Pills for Weight Loss – 2021 Review Update

By  //  June 16, 2021

Did you know that keto diet pills can keep your body in a state of ketosis for long periods, thereby accelerating the weight loss process?Keto supplements contain coconut oil, popularly known as MCTs, with others infused with BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) salts.

The pills speed up the fat-burning process by forcing the body to enter and remain in ketosis.

While their primary role is to force the body into ketosis, not all the keto supplements are the same, as others are highly overrated. Not all manufacturers are interested in providing their users with the results they want.

Keto Advanced Weight Loss

Some are more interested in making a profit, so they resort to taking advantage of its ever surging popularity to produce ineffective products. On the other hand, some products are backed by scientific studies, guaranteeing they will deliver on their promises.

For the latter, the producers ensure they only use well-researched ingredients. Taking all this into account, you’re probably asking yourself a series of questions right now, e.g.,

What are the top-ranked keto supplements in 2021?

Which diet pills should I be taking to help me lose weight?

We urge you to keep reading to get an idea of the top keto supplements and diet pills of the year.

Ketogenic Supplements and Diet Pills of the Year

2021 has been an interesting year, with the first half of it being filled with news of new keto diet supplements and pills being released into the market. Individuals from all walks of life have begun to see the kind of impact that partaking in this diet can have in their lives.

If you don’t know what this diet means, we will start you off with a brief look at what a keto diet is and what it comprises.

The keto diet works using a very basic principle. Whenever the body requires energy to perform its numerous functions, it can get it from varied sources, e.g., carbohydrates. They’re considered the body’s primary source of energy.

However, experts and individuals advancing the keto diet believe carbs aren’t the best energy source, especially for anyone interested in losing weight. They recommend using fat as an energy source.

How Does the Keto Diet Work?

The body is filled with lots of fat cells, with overweight people having more of this than ordinary individuals. If the body is to begin burning fat instead of carbs to produce energy, there’s a need for one to get started on a keto diet.

A regular keto diet requires you to eat a small number of carbs and lots of proteins and fats. An example of a meal recommended by keto enthusiasts is bacon-wrapped eggs and cheese.

As is the case with all types of diets, there are those who support and oppose this diet. Keto diet supporters have been at it for decades, with many referring to the scientific studies that show its efficiency.

The studies have assisted in communicating what the proponents of the keto diet have been saying for years. For example,

  • It’s common knowledge that the body can burn fat to produce energy instead of burning carbohydrates
  • Consuming a small number of carbs for at least seven days can enable the body to get into a ketogenic state
  • Getting into the ketogenic state is considered an efficient way to burn fat and lose weight

Looking at the three examples above, it’s easy to see why many people opt to supplement with keto diet pills when attempting to lose weight. Currently, the Top-Rated Keto diet pills made with well-researched ingredients include:

Are There Downsides to Taking Keto Diet Supplements?

While the keto diet pills help the body get into an enhanced state of ketosis fat burning, it’s worth noting that they may come with some adverse reactions. Known negative reactions include:

Partaking in the keto diet will make you experience “keto sickness.” Those who have suffered from this condition have reported experiencing several symptoms, which include:

  • Tiredness throughout the day
  • Nausea
  • Light-headedness

The good news is that you can easily overcome “keto sickness.” All you have to do is ensure you don’t give up and continue following the recommended diet.

Many people are not able to follow this diet for a long time. It’s not uncommon for people to begin taking liberties with their diet after a few weeks. Most people will follow it religiously for a bit and then slowly resume eating carbs.

Going back to the previous diet will undo all the gains you had started making while on the keto diet. It’s possible to address the problems mentioned above by consuming keto weight loss diet pills.

Producers of the keto diet pills claim that their pills can ease the symptoms associated with keto sickness. Some manufacturers believe that their pills reduce the time taken by the body to get into ketosis.

Although people take these pills for varied reasons, the primary motivation is because they’d like to experience better results from their keto diets. Following the keto diet can prove to be a hit-or-miss scenario.

Not all those who follow it get to achieve their desired results.

Below, we are going to take a look at the best keto supplements of the year. We understand that it can be hard to choose the best supplements due to the high number of available online resources.

It’s the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to prepare this guide for you. Before proceeding, we would like to point out that we are not pointing to one particular brand but to provide you with a list of the top five brands online. This guide should be used as an informational resource to help guide you to the best pills in the market that we have researched.

How We Have Ranked the Keto Supplements

All keto supplement manufacturers tout their products as the best and insist that they can easily force the body into ketosis, helping to accelerate the weight loss process. But as you already know, not all keto diet pills can achieve this feat.

The supplements included in this list are relatively new, and we had to gather information from multiple sites to get a better picture of what they do. We have also paid attention to the ingredients used in each supplement.

Read on to find out which keto supplements are the best for 2021.

BioTRUST Keto Elevate

Keto Elevate by BioTRUST is among the most popular names linked to the production of keto diet pills. Your body is forced to enter into ketosis by the C8 MCT included in the supplement.

Its role is to elevate the ketone levels in the body without requiring one to stick to a keto diet. MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a favorite with many keto supporters who believe they have a high ‘ketogenicity.’

The body quickly gets to convert these nutritious dietary fats into ketones. Keto Elevate, formulated by Joel Marion, a nutrition expert, provides you with extra fatty acids to accelerate the weight loss process.

What’s more, the supplement comes in powder form, allowing you to easily consume it with a shake or water.

It retails for $34. Learn more on the official website.


KetoCharge, like other keto supplements, forces the body to begin burning the extra fat for use in energizing the body and the brain. Its ingredients are specially formulated to aid in raising the ketone levels in the bloodstream, thereby sending a signal to the body to begin burning fat.

Its manufacturer has described this supplement as “every obese persons’ secret weapon against excess body fat.” Rather than following the keto diet for twenty-one days to begin burning fat, you can take these pills to kick-start the process immediately.

Apart from beginning the fat-burning process immediately, you also get to benefit from heightened physical and mental energy levels. Its formulation mainly comprises electrolytes and the BHB salts contained in other supplements in this review.

The ketone levels will become elevated as soon as the electrolytes have been absorbed into the bloodstream. You’ll start to lose weight, even as you continue eating bacon, butter, and steak. It retails for $60.50. Learn more on the official website.


KetoBOOST by PRIME HEALTH DAILY is marketed as a high-quality MCT oil supplement that uses caprylic acid to supply the body with the healthy fats it needs to continue operating as usual.

As is the case with other MCT oil-based supplements, this supplement gets to raise the ketone levels in the bloodstream, forcing the body to begin burning fat to produce energy. Its producer states that using this formula is the best way to enjoy the benefits offered by keto without following a strict diet.

Information provided on the website states that its main benefits include:

  • Better metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Mental focus
  • Improved energy levels

You get to enjoy all these benefits without having to restrict your food intake. The MCTs in the supplement is derived from palm oil. A single bottle of this supplement retails for $49. Learn more on the official website.

KetoPOWER Boost

KetoPOWER Boost by HealthyGen is a supplement that has been marketed as the best keto weight loss product in the market. Its creator states that users can lose as much as eighteen pounds in ten days by taking this supplement.

KetoPOWER Boost can provide the body with carb-free energy to guarantee natural fat-burning, razor-sharp mental clarity, and clean energy for endurance. It works by forcing the body to burn fat to generate energy.

In many cases, the body burns carbs to produce energy, as they’re the simplest source. But when it gets into a state of ketosis, it’s forced to burn fat in place of carbs. It can get into ketosis in three ways:

  • During intense workout sessions
  • When practicing a keto diet
  • When fasting

The supplement gets to provide the same results without fasting or exercising a strict dietary routine. You can get a bottle of this supplement for $39. Learn more on the official website.


Individuals interested in taking a typical diet pill infused with a twist of keto should consider the KetoGo keto diet pill. Its manufacturer claims that the pill can enable you to lose all the extra weight without engaging in any exercises or following a given diet.

Data obtained from the KetoGo website indicates that the consumption of this pill forces the body to begin burning fat to produce energy. It also leads to the release of fat stores while naturally enhancing the energy levels in the body.

As long as you’re taking these pills as recommended, you can continue eating whatever you want and exercising whenever you feel like it or when you have some free time on your hands. The recommended dosage is two pills each day.

If you follow the instructions provided, you should lose around five pounds within the first week. A single bottle retails for $62.50. Learn more on the official website.

Procedure Followed When Ranking the Supplements Listed Above

Ranking keto supplements is not an easy process. Every keto supplement in the market claims to provide its users with an efficient and hassle-free weight loss process achieved by getting into ketosis.

However, users need to exercise caution when shopping for keto supplements, as some of them are not genuine. We relied on the following factors when compiling this list of the best keto supplements for 2021.

  • Science-backed ingredients
  • Clinical dosages of the ingredients used in their manufacture
  • Label transparency
  • Keto diet pills backed by scientists and doctors
  • Price and value offered to consumers
  • Purported benefits offered by each supplement
  • Ingredient sources, company location, and reputation

Keto Diet Pills—Who Should Take Them?

Keto-based supplements are recommended for use by any person looking to boost their energy levels, burn fat, and lose excess weight.

A majority of people using these supplements are looking for a way to lose weight without adhering to the stringent keto diet requirements.

Keto diet pills are recommended for use by:

  • Dieters interested in maximizing their mental and physical energy levels while shedding extra weight
  • Individuals who want to burn stubborn belly fat
  • Persons interested in attaining the benefits that come with following a keto diet without having to experience its downsides
  • Any person who wants to lose weight for one reason or the other
  • Individuals who want to enjoy the benefits offered by the keto diet without having to abide by its regulations
  • Persons following the keto diet and who would like to ensure their bodies remain in the fat-burning state for as long as possible.

The top benefits of using the keto diet pills include losing weight and boosting your physical and mental energy levels without following a strict diet. Some of the top pills in the market even allude to offering these benefits without exercising or dieting.

What Scientists Have to Say About the Keto Diet Pills

Many scientific studies have proven that keto diet pills can prove to be highly effective for weight loss. The studies have shown it’s possible to elevate the ketone levels by consuming BHB ketones, MCTs, and other ingredients used in the pills.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Researchers, the low-carb, high-fat keto diet works for several reasons:

Reducing insulin levels encourages fat loss instead of lean muscle loss, enabling the body to lose weight.

The diet has a high-fat content that enables the creation of a satiating effect, helping to reduce your appetite and decrease your food cravings.

The ketone levels in the body have a direct role in reducing hunger pangs

Consuming fewer carbs lowers the levels of appetite-stimulating hormones, e.g., ghrelin and insulin.

Possible Side Effects

To date, the consumption of keto diet pills hasn’t been attributed to any significant negative reactions. Provided you stick to the recommended dosage, you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects.

On the other hand, some users have reported experiencing mild side effects, such as the ‘keto flu.’ Additional side effects may include:

  • Mental fog
  • Low energy levels

Make sure to consult your physician before taking any keto diet pills. It’s vital to do this if you’re taking any medication or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Recommended Dosage

All keto diet pills come with a varying set of ingredients. Therefore, it’s best to follow the instructions provided by the pill’s manufacturer.

Check the label for more information on when and how to take the pills.


The keto diet has been around for years, and its increased popularity helps to show that it’s an effective weight loss solution. Taking a keto supplement or diet pills enables your body to enjoy the benefits offered by the keto diet, such as weight loss, without the need to exercise.

Although the results offered by the pills vary, some of them exceed the user’s expectations thanks to the use of specially formulated ingredients. Not all pills are made using natural ingredients, as some manufacturers rely on unusual or synthetic formulas.

The latter only works for a short period. You have to ensure you conduct your due diligence before buying any keto diet pills. It’s the only way to ensure you’ll get the real deal—pills that can deliver the results you want to enjoy.

All the supplements we have mentioned in this review of the best ketogenic supplements have been proven to work and can help you get started in your weight loss journey. Ensure you carefully investigate each supplement before placing your order.

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