DayZ: Tips and Tricks For The New Players

By  //  June 1, 2021

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If you are a fan of PlayStation and Xbox games, there is no other game that you need to start with other than DayZ. It is a thrilling, unforgiving, and gripping online match consisting of 60 players on one server, all fighting over the few leftover resources and protecting themselves from the infecting virus.

This game is the epitome of survival of the fittest, and there are specific tips and tricks that all players need to learn to be able to carry on for as long as they can go. Everyone knows that the DayZ aimbot will certainly help. But do you know the basic tricks that will help you survive in the first place? If you are a novice to this online game, here is the survival guide for you to ace it.

Never Forget the Essentials

In a game like DayZ, looking for food from the beginning is vital. Having sufficient food throughout the game is the essential thing. Make sure you do not run out of food anytime during the game, as this will affect your overall energy level, leading to the inability to fight off the enemies and reach your location.

So when you are in the game, ensure that you look for food lying around. You will even find animals passing by occasionally, so carry a sharp object at all times to open up the cans and animals.

May it be inland or on water, you may or may not find food in the houses. If people have reached there before you, you may miss out on the chance. Therefore, keep in mind that you carry it around in case of any shortages.

Aim to Live Longer

As mentioned previously, this game is all about the survival of the fittest. There are innumerable unexpected ways for you to die in this game, so your main aim when you start to play is to have a realistic target, such as surviving as many attacks as possible.

The moment you feel like you can finish this game without dying, you need to rethink. The best way to survive this game is to take small steps and aim for a longer life. Take baby steps, aspire to last a few more minutes from the present, put your mind at ease, and enjoy the game as you are supposed to.

Avoid High Traffic Places

If you wish to stay alive and aim for a longer life, the best thing that you can do is stay away from all high traffic areas. Places such as Berezeno, Northwest, and Northeast airfields are dangerous zones that you need to avoid at all costs.

These places may be good areas to stock up on powerful and worthy weapons, but they are also one of the riskiest places with the highest death rates, and you can easily get killed by other players.

Therefore, if you wish to have a prolonged life with high energy levels, stick to small villages and towns where you can find sufficient and decent weapons and supplies to protect yourself and kill others.

Focus on Stat Bars

The stat bars are located on the upper side of your screen that will help you take careful steps throughout the game. These stat bars tell you the amount of energy left, as well as the damage that may have occurred to you. Keeping an eye on your stat bar will help you stay alive longer in this game.

If one stat bar is low, it indicates that your blood levels are low. Regain the vital component with the help of blood bags and/or saline, and in case you are bleeding from any body part, stop the bleeding with the help of bandages or rags. You must also know that bandages are a rare find but more effective, so hold onto them.

Secrecy is Key

The ultimate hack to win the game and survive as long as possible is by remaining stealthy. Your existence needs to be a secret throughout the game if you do not wish to get killed by the other players. From other players to bandits to zombies, it would be best if you remain unnoticed, or they would come for you.

During the daytime, stay away from bigger roads that make you more noticeable. During the night, wear darker colors to camouflage yourself. And throughout the game, stick to edges and crevices to stay out of other people’s sight.


If you are new to these games and looking for tips and tricks to become the maestro, the above tips will undoubtedly help you master DayZ.