Eavestrough Repair & Maintenance: 5 Tips

By  //  June 25, 2021

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Proper roof maintenance is the key to avoiding costly eavestrough repairs. In the fall, trees usually shed their leaves, and they build up in the gutters. This reduces or blocks the flow of water.

Since the water has to go somewhere when the gutters are blocked the water will pour over the sides and run down the fascia. The fascia is not designed to withstand overflows and will fail within no time leading to issues with the soffit. 

Ice dams are another concern during winter. Ice dams form when water melts on the roof and then freezes again. When water freezes at the point where the gutters meet the fascia, the ice will pull the gutter away and create an opening.

When this happens, you will most likely need a new eavestrough Kitchener installed or even a new fascia. Bi-annual gutter cleaning can help relieve these problems that begin in the gutters. Cleaning will help prevent expensive roof work too. 

Tips for Gutter Repair and Maintenance 

The gutters are the ‘veins’ that channel rainwater away. However, for them to work properly, they have to be free of debris. To give your gutters the best care, you need to do the following. 

1. Inspect the gutters regularly 

Check for bottlenecks in the gutters and relieve them with a thorough cleaning. You also need to remove leaves, sticks and other debris that may block the gutter. Doing so will extend the life of the gutter. 

2. Close holes immediately

Have you noticed small holes or cracks in your gutters? If yes, you need to get them sealed as soon as possible. You can use a sealant for this. You, however, need to understand that different sealants are designed for dealing with different issues. Talk with the sales clerk at the local home improvement store for advice. 

3. Re-attach the gutter to the fascia 

When the gutter has pulled away from the fascia or is sagging, you will need to re-attach it. Ensure you have power tools for this. Screwing the gutters back in requires you to drive the screws deep so that the gutter has enough strength to move water to the downspouts without collapsing. 

4. Reconnect dislodged sections

The issue with sectional gutters is that they tend to get disconnected over time. At times complete sections might fall off. If you have old metal gutters installed, you need to reconnect them using a rivet gun and rivets. 

5. Take extra caution when on the roof

There are so many accidents that are recorded from people falling off a ladder. The risk is even higher when the roof is sloped. If you are not agile enough to handle gutter maintenance tasks, you should hire a professional to do it for you. The professional will patch repairs with the right materials and without cutting corners. 

You can also consider Lakeside-hire.co.uk if you ever need equipment for hire.

One of the best solutions you can use to keep your gutters from getting clogged is installing a gutter screen. Our team at Trades by Jack is happy to offer our innovative LeafGuards. Contact us today to find out more about our eavestrough Kitchener solutions.