Tips for Betting on Soccer

By  //  June 2, 2021

Unlike the other major professional sports, you can bet on soccer all year round. From the English Premier League to the Bundesliga, and MLS to the occasional World Cup, people are always playing soccer somewhere.

For the more active sports bettors, this is music to your ears. However, the abundance of soccer flooding the betting market can also cause problems for bettors. Soccer is a unique sport to bet on as it features many types of bets that are not common to other sports.

That is why it is important to have knowledge about the most frequent types of football bets and to follow some tips and strategies to use these bets to your advantage. For your info, Total Sports Picks is one of the best betting knowledge sources.

Without a doubt, the best thing about this sport is that you can place bets on all the leagues out there, so if you have a particular league that you prefer, you can bet on it. You can even diversify your bets in order to have better odds of winning, which means that the options you have at your disposal are multiple.

Variety of bets on football

One of the main differences when betting on soccer compared to other professional sports is how the money line works. In other sports, the money line has only two options: the favorite and the underdog.

However, soccer matches have the potential to end in a draw and therefore soccer money lines have this third option. Therefore, it is called a triple bet, since you can bet that either team wins in regulation time or that the match ends in a draw.

Some bettors don’t mind the three-way money line as big favorites can be found with better odds due to the added option. However, it is in the nature of many bettors to side with one team or another and not encourage a draw. For this reason, they become vulnerable to tied games.

Since many football matches end in a draw, you need to put stubbornness aside and bet on draws from time to time. You can almost always find ties with odds of +150 or more before a match, so at least the odds are attractive. 

Ways to bet on soccer

There are certain ways in which it is possible to bet in the world of football, of which it is essential to have knowledge if you want to obtain profits by betting. These ways are as follows:

No tie bet: For those who find it risky to place a 3-cushion bet, there are ways to mitigate the odds. In soccer, you can make a “no-tie bet.” This is a two-way bet similar to a traditional money line. If a match ends in a draw, the bet will be refunded. Therefore, you would only lose if the team you chose lost completely. The trade-off is that since one does not have to worry about the risk of a tie, these bets offer odds that are not very attractive.

Double Chance: Double Chance betting is available for most football matches as three potential outcomes are required for such a bet. In a double chance bet you would be betting on two outcomes at the same time on a single bet. This means that a bettor would have two chances to win his bet, but only one scenario in which he could lose.

Over/Under: Those who are more familiar with betting on other professional sports may prefer the simplicity of a 50/50 bet. Most other sports have an over/under or totals bet where you can bet on the final combined score. Soccer has a slightly different version of these bets.