Kerala’s Rising Corona Cases Is A Sign Towards Third Wave

By  //  August 3, 2021

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WHO has raised the alarm for more than two weeks about the possible start COVID-19’s third wave. And it also suggested authorities be prepared and to loosen the rules for the control of spread. But it seems like people are not taking it seriously, and that’s what is proved by Kerala’s rising corona cases. 

The state reported about 50% of the country’s cases on Wednesday. That’s scary! The Kerala government has announced a complete lockdown on July 31 and August. The order said the existing categorisation of Local Self-Government Institutions and restrictions/relaxations in respective categories would continue.

The opposition party is blaming the ruling party in the state for providing relaxation during the time of Eid and not being able to keep an eye on the spread. It somehow can be a mistake from the authorities, but people must be blamed for the current scenario.

Everybody knows the situation in April and May, and nobody wants to be in that again. Even though the government has provided some relaxation to bring people on track, it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware. Such short lockdowns won’t really make any difference if people don’t stop breaking the rules. 

The central government has also sent a six-member team from the National Centre Of Disease Control to Kerala to do the necessary thing for the control of increasing corona cases in the state. And the weekend lockdown imposed by the state government will surely help to put a brake on the increasing cases.

But experts say that corona will not stop until people bring a change in themselves. All the restrictions and rules can only put a comma, not a full stop. 

What to do to be a responsible citizen?

Change The Way You Celebrate – All the feelings lie in your heart, and that’s what matters the most. From celebrating festivals to personal occasions, it is the time to change the way we celebrate. And if you accept the change, for now, you don’t have to go through it again next year.

It is not necessary to attend large gatherings for bringing joy to your heart. You can feel happiness even by celebrating with your dear ones the digital way like Raksha Bandhan is the next big festival on our calendars, so sisters can choose to send a special rakhi through delivery services  instead of travelling long distances. Be strict to yourself for some time, and we will have a pre-covid life again. 

Get Yourself Vaccinated – It is the fact that no vaccine is 100% effective but getting vaccinated against COVID-19 reduces the risk of getting infected and facing major health issues to a great extent. Both paid and free vaccination options are available in the country.

If you face issues in getting free vaccination, get a paid one because health is important. Many people still believe in rumours of vaccines being harmful; make sure you are not one of them and educate people about the benefits of getting vaccinated.  

Wear Mask Even If You Are Vaccinated – Just a few days back, pictures of heavy traffic jams and thousands of travellers reaching hill stations went viral and raised a question on people thinking about the safety of themselves and others. And the biggest concern was that many of them were seen without face masks.

A video of a small boy asking tourists to wear masks also went viral. WHO has also said a lot of times that masks are the main tool to keep yourself safe from the virus. So, whether or not you are vaccinated, make sure that you properly wear a face-covering, preferably a medical-grade air filter mask, whenever you are in a public place.

Whatever is happening in Kerala can happen in any state. But, we, the people, can keep the third wave of the corona at bay with our responsible behaviour and habits. Kerala reported 22,056 new confirmed cases of infection on Wednesday, along with 131 more Covid-related deaths. The total number of corona cases in Kerala has reached 33.3 Lakhs, and around 31.6 lakhs has recovered. The average daily cases reported in the state are above 17,443.