What Type of Insulin is Tresiba?

By  //  August 31, 2021

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What is the best way to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes mellitus? To be honest, there is no correct answer to this question because every person requires an individual approach; that is exactly why there are so many ways of glucose control in the body.

Today, we would like to discuss the Tresiba remedy – a brand-name medication designed for blood sugar control in adults and children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

It may be easily purchased in a local pharmacy (if you have a prescription from a doctor, of course), or you can buy Tresiba online as well. Let’s talk more about its peculiarities, working principles, and various other important details that are needed to be known by every patient out there.

Main characteristics of Tresiba medication

As it was already mentioned, Tresiba medication is an injectable remedy with insulin degludec in its base used to control blood glucose levels in the body. It comes in two forms – vials (in this case, you will need a sterile syringe as well) or a FlexTouch pen (the dose is pre-measured there, so all person should do is administer it when needed).

Tresiba injection is long-acting insulin; that means it should be used once per day at approximately the same time. As almost every basal insulin, Tresiba may require short-acting insulin to use simultaneously for better blood sugar control.

Please note that the remedy cannot be purchased over-the-counter, it is available only with a doctor’s prescription and can be prescribed only after careful medical examination and all required medical tests. Without a recommendation from a medical professional, the medication can cause life-threatening conditions and cause severe health complications.

Purchase Tresiba online

What are the possible side effects of Tresiba?

There are a few mild to severe side effects a person may experience when they use Tresiba.

The most common ones include the following symptoms:

■ Signs that are typical for flu (chills, fever, vomiting, etc.);

■ Headaches and migraines;

■ Common cold (or other upper respiratory infections);

■ Diarrhea, constipation, or other digestive system trouble;

■ Unexplainable weight gain.

People may also experience different injection site reactions (increased sensitivity, redness, itchiness, swelling, and so on), skin thickening around the place of administration, low blood sugar levels (also known as hypoglycemia). Everything mentioned above is not dangerous and should be gone within a week (maximum). If not – it is better to contact a specialist to get proper medical advice or treatment.

Speaking about more serious symptoms, those occur rarely but may still happen, so it is better to be aware of them. As soon as you notice any of those, you must call 911 immediately because your health may be under threat.

■ Severe allergic reactions (trouble breathing, swallowing, limps numbness, etc.);

■ Severe hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar level).


There are a few categories of patients who cannot use Tresiba and should be prescribed with its analog to control blood glucose. First of all, people who are allergic to any components of Tresiba, as well as those who are hypersensitive to this remedy.

Next, individuals with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). If you use the medication while having this health condition, unexpected health complications may appear.

And of course, let’s not forget that any insulin product cannot be injected during low blood sugar episodes. It is obligatory to bring it back to normal first, and only after that Tresiba may be administered as usual.

To sum up

Tresiba is long-acting insulin for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. It should be used once per day and is usually prescribed together with short-acting insulin.

The remedy controls blood sugar perfectly, as well as a glucose level in the body. A prescription from a medical professional is required in order to purchase Tresiba online or in a local pharmacy.