World Fashion Brands Included in the TOP of the Best

By  //  August 13, 2021

Modern fashion is constantly changing, silhouettes and length of clothes are updated. Global brands that have been holding their positions for more than a dozen years allow to follow the direction and development of fashion trends. Consider the main brands that young people are targeting and the reason for their popularity.


The oldest brand of sportswear and footwear, which has held a leading position in the quality of goods for over 70 years. Products manufactured using the latest technology are intended for both professional athletes and amateurs.

The brand is recognizable by its logo – a trefoil with three transverse white stripes. Clothes of the “Adidas” company are chosen by young people leading an active lifestyle.



An Italian brand that stands out for its sophistication and recognizable style. The company produces men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, footwear, premium perfumes. Ranked second in the world in terms of sales. The logo of the brand is a sign of two intertwining letters G. In many models there is a branded strip of red and green.

Since 2018, the Gucci fashion house has stopped using natural fur for sewing fur coats. Considerable attention has been paid to accessories, as the designers believe that the bag and belt not only complement the wardrobe, but also highlight the status of the owner.

Another top global famous brand to mention is Ilse Jacobsen, well known for their amazing raincoats.



The peculiarity of the French brand is femininity and unsurpassed elegance. The company produces clothing, perfume, accessories, watches, jewelry. The creator of the company has a special attitude to perfume – he considers the fragrance to be the finishing touch of the female image.

In women’s models, the emphasis is on the waist. The garment follows the gentle curves of the figure, creating a feminine silhouette. Prince Diana wore outfits from Dior. The clothes of the French brand have been and remain classics of women’s fashion. The brand’s logo is the Dior lettering. Dressing up in Dior outfits, you confirm the exquisite taste.


It is a well-known American company for the production of sportswear, footwear, accessories, and the development of mobile applications. The brand’s logo features the name of the goddess of victory Nike in the background of the Swoosh.

A distinctive feature of branded products is convenience and comfort. The company produces sports equipment and comfortable running shoes that help athletes set world records. When creating shoes and clothes, the latest technologies were used – T-shirts and baseball caps were produced from breathable fabrics, the sole of the sneakers was made with an air cushion.


The German brand is one of the three leading companies in the production of quality sportswear and footwear. The latest technologies and the best materials are used in the manufacture of products.

The logo of the brand – a puma jumping over the name “Puma”, reflects the purpose of the shoe – comfortable sneakers allow you to achieve high performance in sports.


The logo of the brand in the form of the head of Medusa Gorgon reflects the purpose – to fascinate and attract. Such properties are possessed by collections of clothes, jewelry, watches, perfumes, interior items, glasses, issued with the Versace symbol.

Originality and trendy – this is how you can characterize the clothes of the Italian brand. Outfits from Versace are luxurious and beautiful. The company has launched the release of several lines:

  • Sport – clothing for outdoor activities (shorts, T-shirts);
  • Collection – goods for a wide range of buyers;
  • Jeans Couture – casual wear, represented by shirts and jeans;
  • Precious Item – watches, writing utensils, jewelry.

Tommy Hilfiger

Clothes and accessories by American designer Tommy Hilfiger are distinguished by the presence of three colors of the US flag – red, blue, white. The company logo is a white-red rectangle between the founder’s first and last name on a black background. It is applied at the breast pockets of shirts, sweaters, jeans, trousers. An embroidered logo adorns suede and leather jackets.

The casual sports style of the brand is distinguished by simplicity, convenience, high quality tailoring and materials. Tommy Hilfiger is recognized as an outstanding American designer, his clothes are worn by famous politicians and musicians. Models are designed for everyday wear.



An American brand that produces casual streetwear that is practical, aesthetically pleasing. Streetwear is tailored to suit the needs of young people. The assortment of the company includes jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts, made from quality fabrics.

The brand logo reflects the nature of the product – “Supreme” means in translation from English – “the highest”, “Supreme”. The inscription is made in white letters on a red background.

Louis Vuitton

A French brand that produces luxury apparel and luxury accessories. The main direction of the company is the production of suitcases and cases. The clothes are characterized by femininity and romance. The company ranks first in the production of expensive products.

The brand logo consists of the initial letters of the company name – L, V. The company’s motto is elitism and exclusivity.