The Rise and Rise of Fantasy Sport

By  //  September 7, 2021

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With fantasy sport reaching a market share of 45.9 million in 2019, it has been said that the sky is the limit, and as player numbers grow exponentially across both the US and Canada, it’s a trend worth following. Herewith is a brief understanding of the sector and historical analysis of how the sector has changed and grown, encouraged primarily by the associated growth of internet gaming.

What is a fantasy sport

Essentially it is exactly what it says on the can. Generally played online, the fantasy sport is whereby players choose and assemble a team of virtual players based on the actual player. The team does as well as the combination of players do in the real world, and the player statistics are computed and added to the others in the team, resulting in a score and ability to move up the league table. There are online baseball games, fantasy football, ice hockey, and numerous other leagues.

Why players are drawn to the fantasy leagues

Intense competition

The competition is very intense, and most games will require you to have a good strategy to do well. Firstly, you have to have bought the right players, which means that you need to be aware of the player stats and performances in the real world. Then if you have a group of friends playing, be aware that the competition can be worse than supporting your actual baseball or football team. Fantasy sports are more personal because you have chosen all the players and decide who gets to play; it’s 100% your team.

Links the actual game to a social experience with others

The players in your fantasy league are based on the real players who perform week in and week out on the actual pitch or court. This means that you and those you play the fantasy sport with will have to watch the actual games or be aware of the resulting scores and performances. This will allow you to select your players strategically and based on actual performances. There is an entire theory as to how to select a fantasy sport and start playing, and it will serve you well to know some of this.

It is a fun hobby 

The fun involved in fantasy sport has been said to mirror or surpasses the enjoyment of watching and following the real thing. With the recent increased time spent at home over the last 18-24 months, more people have started playing a fantasy sport or in a fantasy league than ever before.

Some of these sports will only run during the actual sporting season for whichever of the sports you have chosen, but others will run over the season and provide some entertainment in the off-season.

For many it is better than computer gaming 

The fact that the game involves a sport, leads many to feel that it is s better option than hours spent playing other games like first person shooters or adventure games. The idea of playing a ‘sport’ leads many gamers and sports enthusiast to feel that the online fantasy sport is a better option than other computer games.

Online sports as a whole are dominating the games market and with these there has also been a marked rise in the fantasy sports leagues out there. The aim is to have fun, but also keep in mind that like everything else it should be done in moderation.